Everybody is interested in the life of the Hollywood celebs and big-time singers. And if the star has won Grammys on several occasions, then their life is always a subject of a talk to their fans as well as the scandalmongers. The life of Toni Braxton has been the same.


She’s beautiful, isn’t she? Then, why do we hear a rumor saying that the Grammys winner is undergoing a plastic surgery? Why is her beautiful face going through scissors? Don’t worry we’ve got it all covered. Just keep on scrolling through this article and find out why.

Toni Braxton undergoing Surgery?

The six-time Grammy-winning singer has, in her book, Unbreak my heart: A Memoir, stated the fact that she had her skin touched by the sharp scissors of plastic surgeons. It has been seen that the actress has changed her nose and breasts.

[ CAPTION: Toni Braxton ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Toni Braxton Nose Surgery

As she wrote in her book, she just wanted to change the way her nose looked. As the nose of Toni had a broad placement, she wanted it to be a little less broad. However, because of the religious upbringing, the singer was not sure whether to do it or not.

But, she did it and made her nose a little less broad. Now, the singer has a narrower nose compared to her previous wide looks.

[ CAPTION: Toni’s Nose Before and After ][ SOURCE: Atlanta Black Star ]

Toni Braxton Chest Surgery

The Grammys winner had also got her breast augmented. As she wrote, the singer had a chest like that of a gymnast. She did not like the way her chest looked so she increased the size of her chest from double-A to a bigger one. The Botox breasts were an obvious one as her breasts got bigger and rounder than what they looked in the past.

[ CAPTION: Toni’s Chest Before and After ][ SOURCE: Celebie ]

Toni Braxton’s Net Worth

Toni is as famous as Paris Hilton and as successful as Beyonce. With 6 Grammys and other Academy Awards, the singer is sure to have a nice looking bank balance. It is estimated that the actress cum singer has a total of $10 million in her bank accounts. Whereas another tabloid site suggests that the actress has a total of $11 million as her net worth.

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The singer filed for bankruptcy for the first time back in 1998 and had no money to raise her two children. This led to the actress filing a case against her former husband Keri Lewis for child support.

She settled her bankruptcy case with $10 million and $50 million. Also in 2010, the singer paid $150,000 to settle as the case against Chapter 7.

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The singer also has a book named, Unbreak my heart: A Memoir, with its price being $9.24 in Kindle and $11.26 for paperbacks. The book tells us all about her personal moments and memories. A little mini-bio, we can say!

[ CAPTION: Toni Braxton ][ SOURCE: Amazon ]

In 2014, the actress also brought a $5 million mansion. The mansion is near the home of Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian. She is the proud owner of a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom and 5,323 square foot home.

[ CAPTION: Toni Braxton ][ SOURCE: Forbes ]

For such Botox procedures, one needs a high amount of cash. Toni had plastic surgery for two of her body parts so, we can say that the actress is pretty wealthy. After all those works done in her body, does she look different? Is she more beautiful now?