Divorce is a common thing in the lives of the superstars but what’s even more common is the reason behind it. Such a mystery to the fans of the superstars.


We just don’t know why the break up even happened? One of such divorce fans are curious about is that of Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis?

Toni Braxton divorced Keri Lewis? Did we hear it correctly? She married her love Keri Lewis but now she is just divorcing him? Why did the Grammys winner even think of filing a divorce? Find out the reason behind their divorce in the coming paragraphs.

Toni Braxton and Keri Lewis: Divorce

After living apart for almost 3 years, Toni and Keri officially filed a divorce. The couple had been living apart since 2009 but only finalized their divorce in 2014. The divorce of the singers came to an end officially in July 2013 after a long period of 12years.

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One of the tabloid sources said that the actress announced her divorce just a month later her sister Trina had her divorce. In a statement, the representative of the singer told that the news was confirmed and the split was amicable.

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Before their divorce, Toni told that the reason for her failed marriage was because of the mixed feelings she had. She wanted a plan for her life but could not do anything. Such feelings of negativity took control of her mind and made her think that her married life was another problem for all of her struggles.

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The couple is busy in their own lives but still raise their two children collectively. However, it is heard that the keyboardist has not paid Toni for child support. It has come into existence that the singer had once filed a case for child support with former husband, Keri.

It is also reported by a tabloid site that the former band member of Mint Condition had to pay the Grammys winner a bill of $2k per month.

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Toni and Keri Marriage

The keyboard player of the American R&B band, Mint Condition, Keri Lewis left the band to be with the Billboard Awards winner, Toni Braxton. According to his bandmates, the synthesizer of the group left because he wanted to produce and tour with his future wife.

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The couple got married in what is said to be the True-Blue Wedding. Toni made the color combination look a whole lot sexier for her wedding with Keri Lewis at Atlanta. A signature blue shade for the reception with a four-tiered wedding cake made the ceremony even more beautiful.

All in all, the divorce between the American Awards winner, Toni Braxton, and Keri Lewis is already finished and both have moved up in their life. Hope they acquire enough success.