Born on June 6, 1998, Alexis G. Zall has gained name and fame as a YouTube star the early age. She has also made identity as an actress. Her self-titled channel is one of the popular channels in YouTube with numerous subscriber. She made the appearance in the 2013 television film Out of Reach, where she played the role of Paige. She has also been appearing as a weekly host of a segment on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel.

Gymnast to Youtube

Born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, by her mother Elizabeth Draper Zall, she attended school in her hometown. During her school days, she gained popularity as an accomplished gymnast and won various school level championships. After suffering from injury when she in level 8, she gave her to become a gymnast and then landed  a lead role in a play when she was 6th grade.

 After appearing in the play, she realized her passion and love for entertainment and it came to fruition. After realizing her passion for entertainment, she started to show her presence in an online platform. She created her YouTube channel titled Alexi G. Zall and started to upload unapologetically weird videos on her channel. Such videos grabbed public attention and her channel became popular on YouTube within the short period of time.

She came into the limelight after she appeared in the role of Paige in the 2013 T.V. film Out of Reach. She also appeared on the role of Ayla Walker in the series Spirits along with Lia Marie Johnson. She also hosted the series Pantry Baking and she also worked as the writer and producer for the series. She appeared on the title character on an episode of Awesomeness TV series My Mom Can’t Cook which was uploaded in the YouTube channel series the Wogglebox. She has been uploading various weird videos in YouTube and her channel has almost 1 million subscribers. 

Popularity in YouTube

In her YouTube channel, there are numerous videos with various weird content and title such as”Drunk Tweeting?”, “Sex Advice with my dad” and “Best Friend Wax My Vagina”. Some of her videos have received numerous negative comments from fans. Gaining name and fame at this early age has put pressure on this young mind and it is very difficult for her to come up with new ideas in her video to keep level maintain her popularity on YouTube.

Personal Life

 It would be too fast to talk about  her relationships and boyfriend but it’s sure that with her charming face and beautiful eyes, she would be able to grab the attention of many men towards her. She might have got proposals from many men but she has not talked about it. Looking at a number of subscribers in her channel, we can say that she has made a good amount of money from her YouTube channel but no any authenticate source has revealed the exact figure of her net worth. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her mother.