Frank Frazetta was a prominent Pocono artist born and raised in America. He is famous for his works, but his personal life is not much discussed in public. His art gained worldwide recognition, and here you can know about the women behind his success, his wife.


The legendary artist who worked in comics initially married his lover, Eleanor Kelly Frazetta in1956. Eleanor, called Ellie mostly was a motivation for Frank as he pursued his dreams. His business partner and his lifelong partner Ellie was the one who pushed him to build a future for himself.

Eleanor Kelly Frazetta: His Inspiration and his Lifelong partner

After Frank got married, Ellie played an important role in building his career. Initially Frank was doing paper works and comics under other old companies. Ellie was the one who influenced him to retain his paintings.

The young and bold women are said to have a tough businesswomen personality as she was extremely protective of her husband’s works.

[ CAPTION: Frank Frazetta and Eleanor Kelly Frazetta ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

She lent a helping hand to help Frank revolutionize the paperback practice back in the 1960s. Once Frank started working freely, she tracked down all his possessed work and brought them back.

That’s how much she loved him and his work. A fierce lady, with an iron heart, Ellie took off the Frazetta mail-order business under her service only to bloom the business.

[ CAPTION: Ellie liked posing for Frank as he painted ][ SOURCE: leogrin ]

She handled all of the artist’s work with grace and never let any of his art be wasted in vain. The bold lady, Eleanor stayed by her husband’s side until her last breath.

She gave him a push towards success as she stayed by his side giving him happiness personally as well as professionally. Such a love is rare to find these days! She completed his family and lived his life with him for more than half a century.

The Artist’s glory and the Frazetta children

Eleanor gave Frank, the honor of being a father for four times. They had four childrenFrank Jr., Billy, Holly, and Heidi Frazetta. Although Frank had a supportive wife and loving children and lived happily over the years, Frank Jr. was recently sued for his activities.

It is a dishonor to Frank’s name that his son Frank Jr., named after him was recently rumored to be caught trying to steal one of the artist’s masterpiece from his home gallery.

[ CAPTION: The Frazetta’s with their two sons and grandchild ][ SOURCE: Weebley ]

Moreover, from now onwards, Frank Frazetta’s children are to work for the promotion of their father’s art as per his wish.

The demise of the Frazetta Couple

Firstly, after supporting her husband for a long time, Ellie fought a long battle with cancer before she lost the battle back in 2009. Frank was shattered and was just left with his loving wife’s memories.

With the increasing dispute over his arts and property along with his growing age, Frank also had to see his children fighting over his property.

Frank Frazetta died of a stroke in 2010 in Florida. Although the artist is gone, his legacy will live on through his art.