What can you do when you are 22? The same aged, Mateo Arias, has already got a chance to play with some hotshots of the Hollywood industry.


Don’t just stay on your couch staring at the monitor and feeling curious, get on with it and read what the actor has done.

Staring at the screen wanting to know about Mateo Arias is bad for your health! Just scroll down this article to find the relationship status and professional career of Mateo Arias.

Relationship status of Mateo Arias

With a matchup in the movie ‘Drake and Josh’ in 2004, Mateo Arias and Kelly Heyer have been dating ever since. Mateo was only 10 and Kelly was 12 when it all started, so it seems that the actor was a charming kid back then.

[ CAPTION: Mateo Arias and Kelly Heyer ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Some rumors still suggest that the actor is dating his co-actor, Kelly Heyer. The relation that started 13 years ago is still strong. However, the actors have not been sighted anywhere by the paparazzi elsewhere.

Other Relationship Rumors

The actor has also acted on Kicking It with Olivia Holt. Mateo and Olivia can be assumed nice friends as they seem really comfortable with each other.

[ CAPTION: With Olivia Holt. ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The actor also seems close to Kendall Jenner. However, they seem more like a brother and a sister. Other than that, Mateo also has some pics of an unknown girl in his twitter posts. However, all the facts are still hidden deep inside.

Relationship Controversies

Another tabloid site suggests that the 22-year old is dating the daughter of Will Smith. However, it seems that the sites are confused about the brothers. Moises Arias, the elder brother of Mateo, once posted a shirtless photo of his with Willow Smith stirring up controversies around the internet.

[ CAPTION: Mateo Arias ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

All in all, there are no rumors linking us to the private life of the actor. Hence, Mateo’s private life really is a mystery.

Professional Career

The Colombian actor started his sweet career at the age of 10. With the role of ‘Jerry’ on the Disney TV series, ‘Kicking It’, the role was given to him in 2005. His brother, Moises Arias, played the lead role in the same movie.

The 22-year actor has also worked in the movies like Good Kids, Dadnapped, and Yours, Mine and Ours. Recently, the actor is also seen in the movies like Blast Beat, First Girl I loved, and Good Kids.

His longest run was in the Disney TV series, Kicking It, in which he had a 4 years run. Mateo has also voiced Antonio Perez on the famous animated movie, Despicable Me 2.

Antonio Perez Mateo Arias

All in all, the actor is seen to have dated Kelly Heyer, his relationship status is going strong till now. We wish for his best in the coming future.