Long distance relationship is very difficult to keep up but if you can support, trust, love, respect from the distance then obviously you will have an amazing life together. Likewise, former Public Affairs Officer from NASA, Amiko Kauderer was also in long distance relationship with Scott Kelly.


After being in a long distance relationship with retired U.S Navy Captain and the American astronaut, Scott Kelly, are they in a good relationship? Did the couple get engaged? Or, they have already married? Scroll down to know more about Amiko Kauderer and Scott Kelly relationship.

Are they planning to get engaged?

Being in a relationship since 2010, the couple has not spoken anything about their engagement and wedding plans. But the beautiful ring on Amiko’s ring finger has caught the attention of their fans and media.

[ CAPTION: Amiko Kauderer wearing an engagement ring ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

As we can see from her Instagram post, she is wearing an engagement ring on the left ring finger. Although, it cannot be used as a proof of their engagement, it sure has left their fans and followers curious.

[ CAPTION: Amiko Kauderer and Scott Kelly in red carpet ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Till the date, they have not confirmed their engagement officially so it is also hard to find anything about their wedding. But according to her post where she has called themselves Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it seems that the Amiko has already shared her marriage vows with Scott but we are not sure anyhow.

Amiko Kauderer and Scott Kelly: Relationship

Let’s start the tale-tell from the beginning when the couple first met each other. As we have opened up above that both of them belong to the same workplace, NASA so we don’t have to tell you where they first met. They were in an open relationship since 2010.

[ CAPTION: Amiko Kauderer and Scott Kelly ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Amiko and Kelly are the best examples of the long-distance relationship. Even after staying far from the each other for more than a year, they were able to grow stronger in their relationship.

When Scott was on a one-year mission in the space the couple stays in touch with the technology. They used to send emails and do video chat once a week

[ CAPTION: Amiko Kauderer and Scott Kelly   ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The couple seems very romantic as Amiko posts pictures of her together with her partner Scott on the social media platforms frequently. 

Although the couple has not opened up about their engagement with the public, hope the couple will stay together for the whole of their life with lots of success and happiness. What do you think about Amiko and Scott’s long distance relationship?