Cooking and feeding your loved ones is the best things you could ever do to make them happy. And, if you have a professional chef as your partner, you are sure to have a feast every day. To talk about one such person, we have Matthew Lyons married to Carla Hall.


The co-host of ABC’s lifestyle series The Chew, Carla Hall is a married woman. Since a decade ago, she got married to Matthew. How is their marital life going on? Are they fully satisfied in their marriage? And, what about their children? How many do they have? Scroll down to know all of her personal details.

Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons: Married Life

Married to the love of her life, Carla Hal chose Matthew Lyons as her beloved husband. They tied the knot in the year 2006. Did you know that the couple met via a dating site?

Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons met for the first time on a dating site. Yes, they met on the online dating site According to Carla’s interview, Matthew was the first guy she went out with. And, now, they have settled down in the US capital, Washington D.C. with their son.

[ CAPTION: Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Carla hosts a cookery show so, it’s not wrong to feel tired of cooking at home. The couple found a solution to her tiredness. Now, Matthew is the official chef of Carla’s kitchen and the official angel of her life too.  

From her 10-year long marriage, Carla told the reporters that she learned to be your true self. She also had it that the best thing about their marital relationship was to use the bathroom with doors unlocked. So, it seems that the host is happy with her photographer husband.

Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons: Children

From a decade-long relationship, Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons have been able to get a gist of what it means to be the parents. The couple has a total of one son. His name?

[ CAPTION: Carla Hall, Noah Lyons, and Matthew Lyons ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Noah Lyons is the name of Carla and Matthew’s beloved son. Although Carla does not have a son of her own, she parents her stepson Noah Lyons like her own. Currently, they are as perfect as they could get.

All in all, the life of Carla Hall and Matthew Lyons is truly a romantic love story. Having met on an online site, getting the perfect and supportive partner on their first date, they are having a great marital life with their son included.