One of the best Contemporary Christian Music performers, Amy Lee Grant married for the second time with Vince Gill after divorce with Gary Chapman.


Although having a three child from his first marriage, she filed a divorce in 1999. Is she leading a happy life with her second marriage with country singer Vince Gill?

 Amy Grant and Vince Gill: Relationship and children

After getting a divorce from her first husband, Gary Chapman in 1999, Amy married her rumored boyfriend Vince Gill on 10th March 2000. Talking about their first meeting, it was on a Christmas TV special.

On the show, Vince found a rare connection with Amy. And slowly and steadily their friendship turned to love affair and later on, both of them got married.

[ CAPTION: Wedding picture of Amy Grant and Vince Gill ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

If you get back to 2000 when Amy and Vince got married, Vince had a 17-year daughter and Amy had three children aged from 12-9. So it became very difficult for them to merge both families but the couple struggled a lot to create a good environment for their merged family.

[ CAPTION: Amy Grant with her family ][ SOURCE: Q Political ]

With lots of ups and downs in life, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Corinna in 2001. The birth of their daughter made their relationship even stronger.

The second one’s the charm

Although being married for more than 17-years with Vince, Amy is still having a romantic life. As both of them are singers, the couple has shared a stage for more than a dozen times.

Even after having lots of ups and downs, the couple has faced it together and handled it in a good manner. Being busy in their professional life, the couple has still managed to give quality time to their family.

[ CAPTION: Amy and Vince share a kiss during a show ][ SOURCE: Good Housekeeping ]

Whatever be the case, the second marriage of the singer has brought charm to her life. With her first marriage gone to vain, she was lost and lonely. But, after her marriage to Vince Gill, she has been cheerful and happy.

Altogether, Amy might have found the love of her life. And, the statement of second one’s the charm has become true for her.

[ CAPTION: Amy and Vince together on stage ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

True that music ties your heart together. The same thing happened to the couple, Amy Grant and Vince Gill. Their hearts were sewed together with the strings of music. And now both of them are happy in their own life.

The couple seems to be strongly bonded with each other and there is no any sign or rumors of their divorce till date.