The most talented-American Republicans strategist and political commentator, Ana Navarro came to the spotlight after her amazing work in CNN, ABC News, CNN en Espanol, Telemundo, and The View.

Whenever we talk about reporters, political commentator, we found very fewer things to know about their personal life. But today we have come with detail information about the stunning political commentator, Ana.

Recently, Ana made an announcement that she’s dating Gene Prescott. So are you all ready to know more about Ana and Gene’s relationship? Here’s detail information. Check out.

Ana Navarro is Currently Dating Gene Prescott

Ana Navarro is off the market after there comes news that she is happily dating Gene Prescott- the president of Coral Gable’s Biltmore Hotel. However, Ana and Gene have not revealed the year they started dating each other but it seems that the lovebirds have been dating for a long time.

[ CAPTION: Ana Navarro with her boyfriend Gene Prescott ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Gene is 26 years older than Ana and we are quite clear about the facts that when you truly love someone, age doesn’t matter whether it’s a difference of 2 years or 26 years. LOVE IS LOVE.

It’s been a very long that they have been dating each other so have they taken their relationship to the next level (engagement, marriage)? Well here’s the detail information on their engagement and marriage. Scroll the down.

Is Ana Navarro married?

The 45-year-old Ana, there is no any news regarding her marital life and it’s always a hot topic for everyone to know whether the brilliant political commentator is married or not.

It’s all clear that she is dating a shareholder of Seaway Hotels Corporation and affiliates, Gene Prescott. So are they a happily married couple? Well, in that case, it’s a NO.

Both Ana and Gene look so adorable but the couple has not tied the knot yet. They are together till the date but there is no any engagement news. And we just can hope that they will soon announce their engagement as well as their marriage date.

They are spotted almost everywhere together and they don’t feel any type of hesitation on sharing their pictures on social media. And here are some of the pictures posted by Ana via Instagram.

Instagram: Ana Navarro with her boyfriend Gene Prescott

[ CAPTION: Ana Navarro with her boyfriend Gene Prescott ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

[ CAPTION: Ana Navarro with her boyfriend Gene Prescott ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Gene was a married man before being in a relationship with Ana. From his first marriage, he has two children who are grown up and are already married and settled.

[ CAPTION: Gene with his grandsons ]
[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Ana is very happy with her relationship with Gene and we just hope that they will soon hit the wedding bells. Best wishes.