Are you in a relationship? Have you ever fallen in love? Whether or not you have fallen in love, Anna Kooiman has surely dipped deep in her love. Getting married to your love is what everyone wants. Anna Kooiman got lucky and married Tim Stuckey, her love for years.


After being in a relationship for more than three years the couple got married. Are they still in a romantic relationship? Do they share children together? Or, are they planning to conceive a child? Stay tuned to know more about their personal life.

Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey: Marital Status

Let’s start their love story by knowing where they first met. Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey first met each other during Superstorm Sandy in 2012 where Tim was there to meet one of his friend in New York. After just a 2 or 3 dates the couple started their relationship.

[ CAPTION: Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

After being in a long distance relationship for more than three years, Tim Stuckey proposed Anna Kooiman while watching the sunrise over the Sydney Harbor in February 2015 and Anna blushed with happiness. We sure know what she told him, don’t we?

[ CAPTION: Anna Kooiman with her boyfriend Tim Stuckey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Anna shared her picture with boyfriend Tim Stuckey on Twitter shortly after she was proposed by her to be husband. The post said that Tim was her favorite person. After a few months into their engagement, the couple tied a knot in Central Park’s Loeb Boathouse, New York on 31st July 2015.

[ CAPTION: Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey’s wedding picture ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

With no rumors of separation and no extramarital affairs, the couple seems to be leading a happily married life. Two years into their marriage and they do not have kids, or do they?

Are Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey expecting kids?

With their marriage in 2015, it has been two full years and still has not given birth to a child. But, with all of the photos posted on Anna’s twitter, it seems that they are expecting kids.

[ CAPTION: Anna Kooiman pregnant ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

It is found in some tabloid sources that the couple has already finished their event of baby showering. So, with this, it is easy to guess that the news anchor is already in her 9th month. Currently, the couple is living in Sydney, Australia after leaving Anna’s job as fox news anchor.

[ CAPTION: Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Given the conditions, it seems that Anna Kooiman and Tim Stuckey are living quite a happy married life with each other. They are currently expecting kids with 9 months of their pregnancy. We wish them good luck and a safe delivery.

[ CAPTION: Tim Stuckey and Anna Kooiman welcomed their first child ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Tim Stuckey and Anna Kooiman welcomed their first child, a son, on 21st January 2018. The couple named their child as Brooks Kooiman Stuckey. The couple is enjoying their happy times together along with their son.