A very famous professional player Archie Griffin is the respectable name in the world of sports. He is a former football running back and has played 7 seasons in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals. Archie Griffin was the first player to start in Four Rose Bowls.

Archie Griffin Early Life and Career

Archie was born on August 21, 1954, in Columbus, Ohio. He is the son of James Griffin (father) and Margaret Griffin (mother), growing up in a family of ten members, he grew up with a sister and six brothers.

He began his career when he was in his high school named Eastmoor High School in Ohio. During the school level, he helped to reach to Columbus City League Championship. And in the year 1996, he was made a member of the High School.

Archie Griffin Archie Griffin, Source: Buckeyplanet.com

Later on, he joined Ohio State University Buckeyes and this was the first time that the freshman was allowed to play in the team of varsity. He won the position but different sophomores were disappointed because they were eyeing for the position which Archie had already won.

Archie Griffin Archie Griffin as a young Buckeye, Source: mademan.com

He introduced himself to OSU as a freshman by setting school single-game rushing for 239 yards against North Carolina. He broke his own record as a sophomore with 246 rushing yards against The Lowa Hawkeyes.

He won an award as a Junior and Senior as he finished 5th in the Heisman after being voted as the best player in the sophomore year becoming the only the NCAA player to win the award twice. He was also named as Player of the Year by United Press International twice.

Archie Griffin Archie Griffin, Source: mademan.com

In 1999 he was officially retired from his number ’45’ and was ranked No.21 on ESPN’s top 25 Players in College Football History list.

Archie Griffin Archie Griffin, Source: Buckeyplanet.com

And in the year 2014, Jan 1, he was named the All-century Player of the Rose Bowl Game and he participated in the Rose Parade.

Archie Griffin’s Career after Football

He is the President and CEO of the Ohio State University Alumni Association and is also the spokesman for the Wendy’s High School Heisman for award programs.

Archie Griffin Archie Griffin, Source: playingfieldpromotion.com

Archie was one of the investors in Mandalay basketball Properties LLC which were later owned by Dayton Dragons.

Archie Griffin’s Personal Life

Archie is married to a beautiful and elegant girl, Bonita Griffin and has three sons named: Anthony, Andre, and Adam. There is no rumor regarding their divorce or separation so far.

Archie Griffin with his wife Archie Griffin with his wife, Source: Flicker

The family seems to be living a happy married life with his family.

Archie Griffin’s Net Worth

Being a former professional football player, he is a highly paid as well as a praised footballer and has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2017.