Yes, people! Sara Haines is expecting again with her husband Max Shiffrin. Shiffrin is, by the way, a lawyer by profession. Our lovely host is due this December. So hopefully we get to see a baby girl any day soon.


Sara married Shifrin two years ago in 2014. The couple already had their first son, Alec Richard, born on 5th March 2016. Let’s know it in details. 

Sara Haines Waited Too Long For The Right Guy

Sara Hilary Haines is co-host of The View and worked as a correspondent for ABC News, Good Morning America and Today.  

The 40-year-old host first revealed about her pregnancy this July. Moreover, she hinted about the sex of the child with a pink silly string

Sara seems to be a traditional kind of person. She wrote via her Instagram post on the occasion of her parent’s anniversary that she was proud, born to such parents who have spent almost 50 years together.

Sara Haines alike her parents appears genuinely in love with her husband, Shiffrin. You can see how the couple argues and love each other at the same time just like newlyweds. Here’s a sample, courtesy of Twitter. 

As already told you, she might be one of those women of traditional belief. So that might explain why she became pregnant this soon when it been only a year, she had her first child. 

But at the same time, Sara is straightforward too. She does not even hesitate a bit to tell people that they (she and Max) go to therapy. According to her, therapy makes easier for two different people to communicate and acts as a tool to make their life easier.

When people discovered of her second pregnancy they commented she was brave. But the former Good Morning America correspondent admitted,

I don’t have the privilege of time — I’m an older mommy.

She always wanted babies but did not have the right partner. Haines had two boyfriends in the past but unfortunately, both were not committed to a long-term relationship as she recalled,

I just held on 10 times too many for that. Looking back, I picked people that weren’t going to be the best partner for me. I don’t think I was the healthiest shopper at the time.

As she waited for the right partner, time, on the other hand, was slipping by. Time did not seem to favor her but luckily she met her current husband, Max. Max shared her thought and loved her so much, he was ready to commit.

So now three years later, the couple is still dedicated, happy and love each other, a second child on the way to testify(if you don’t believe).