Brandon McMillan is a television presenter, animal trainer animal behaviorist, the author as well as a television producer. McMillan is best known for his role as a trainer and host in the Emmy Award-winning television series “Lucky Dog” on CBS. Currently, he hosts the show “Great White Serial Killer” a documentary on Shark Week. McMillan is currently single.


As of 2019, Brandon McMillan’s net worth is still under review, yet. However, analyzing his profession, it can be said that, McMillan Eearns around $35k-$55k a year. In addition, McMillan is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Alanna Flynn.

Brandon McMillan Net worth, Earnings, Salary

A multi-talented animal trainer and television producer Brandon McMillan surely earns a decent amount of money from his multiple careers. He has hosted the famous television series like Lucky Dog and Great White Serial Kille. Furthermore, as being an author, McMillan also adds money from writing books.

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If you want to know how much a dog trainer earns, then here are some details. The average salary for a dog trainer is around $36,000 a year. Based on this calculations, we can say that, McMillan earns a pretty decent sum of money from his career.

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Moreover, he is the founder of the foundation named “The Argus Service Dog Foundation” where he trains dogs to assist disabled veterans. McMillan owns a luxurious house and car. However, his net worth is still under review. He often wears new bands and watches. Well, observing these all, McMillan surely has a good income.

Brandon McMillan Relationship, Girlfriend, Married, Personal life

At the current moment, Brandon McMillan is romantically involved with his beautiful girlfriend, Alanna Lynn. She runs “People Loving Pets rescue” in Los Angeles.

CAPTION: Brandon McMillan with his girlfriend Alanna Lynn

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Did you know, being a single man for so many years, Brandon was actually thoght to be a gay man? However, he eventually found the right match for himself.

The couple loves to travel the world together and also equally enjoy each other’s company while working. For the information, Brandon McMillian and Alanna Lynn are both the pets lover and enjoy the profession together.

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Moreover, till the date, there are no any records of his past relationships too. Furthermore, McMillan hasn’t done or said anything that makes us feel doubt regarding his sexuality.

Brandon McMillan Early life, Wiki and Education

Brandon McMillan was born on April 29, 1977, in Trenton, New Jersey, United States. His father and uncle were exotic animal trainers in the entertainment industry. McMillan grew up around a variety of exotic animals including big cats, bears, primates and elephants.

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Within his childhood, McMillan learned the art of training different animals from his father and uncle. However, his education background is still unknown. 

Brandon McMillan Early Career

As being raised around a variety of exotic animals, Brandon McMillan learned the art of training different animals from his father and uncle. So at the age of 18, McMillan moved to Los Angele along with his uncle in order to work at well-known animal training companies for film and television Hollywood Animals.

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In 2009, McMillan hosted the Animal Planet series “NIGHT.” While hosting the series Night, McMillan traveled different places around the globe in search of the nocturnal behavior of the world’s most dangerous animals. After a year, in 2010, he opened a dog boarding and training facility outside of Los Angeles and started giving training and therapy to the dogs.

Youtube: Brandon McMillan while working at Animal Panet

Throughout his career, McMillan has worked in more than 30 countries. Ellen Degeneres, Andy Cohen, Don Cheadle, James Caa etc are some of the clients of McMillan. In 2013, McMillan hosted the series “Lucky Dog” on the CBS for which he won the Daytime Emmy Award as best host for a lifestyle series in 2015. Furthermore, “Lucky Dog” also won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Class Series in 2016.

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These days, he hosts the documentary on Shark Week called “Great White Serial Killer.” Moreover, McMillan is the author of his book: “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train Your Dog in 7 Days.” The book is written for the self-help for the dog lovers. McMillan also founded the foundation “The Argus Service Dog Foundation”, where he trains the dogs to assist disabled veterans. 

Youtube: Train Your dog in 7 days

Talking about, McMillan’s social activity, he is quite active on social media. As of now, the number of people who have followed him on Facebook is 109k, 15.6k oDog n Twitter, and 78.8k on Instagram, respectively. 

Brandon McMillan Current activities

McMillan hosts the documentary on Shark Week called “Great White Serial.” Furthermore, he also trains dogs to assist disabled veterans in his own foundation named: “The Argus Service Dog Foundation.”

Brandon McMillan Age, Height, Weight

  • Age: 41 years as of 2019
  • Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Net Worth: $1 million estimated
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inch
  • Weight: 76 kgs