Quick Facts Bre Pettis

  • NameBre Pettis
  • Birth PlaceIthaca, New York
  • Professionentrepreneur, video maker, blogger
  • Net Worth$403 million
  • MarriedYes
  • Married to Kio Stark
  • EducationThe Evergreen State, Bellevue High School
  • Children Nika Stark Pettis
  • Nick NameDIY

Born on 1972, Bre Pettis has transformed himself from ordinary men to successful entrepreneur, video maker, blogger and multi-persona/artist and is also known as DIY. Bre is the founder of the NYC Resistor which is the Brooklyn-based hackerspace and he is also the producer of MAKE and Hacker Pilot which airs on History Channel. Highlighting some of the events from his childhood, He was born and spent his entire childhood in Ithaca, New York. Though he loves to keep his things private and there is so much less information about him, however, he moved to Seattle when he was at the age of 13 where he got his higher education.


Moving from the New York, he had quite hard times in Seattle adapting the environment and surroundings but later on he graduated from the Bellevue High School. Later in his life, he attended The Evergreen State and graduated from there in the year 1995 taking psychology, mythology and performing arts as a major subject. The young and versatile Bre started to labor as floor runner and assistant cameraman on several films in Prague. During his tenure in Prague, he also serves to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop in London as an assistant. 

After shaping his path he again attended Pacific Oaks College and graduated in teaching certificate which later help him to be an art teacher and was involved in teaching in Seattle Public Schools from the year 1999 to 2006.


Covering his professional life, He became the CEO of MakerBot which stands as the global leading 3D printing technology in present time. He was assigned as the CEO of MakerBot in the year 2009 but prior that he has the record of doing many creative things. He was the co-founder of Brooklyn Hacker collective NYC Resistor which later creates the innovative idea of producing 3D printers. The professional life or path to success began in his life from the year 2006 when he decided to quit teaching and involved in something better. Bre Pettis first began with the weekend Projects which includes video podcast for Make: Magazine where he entertains and taught millions of users to create things from pinhole cameras. 

After gaining huge popularity he came up with blogging and introduce many art materials which were liked by the people from all over the world.  From arts teacher to the CEO, Bre Pettis bio and age began to grow and by the end of 2012, he was all over the internet. Bre Pettis was honored with prestigious awards and has been featured in many Magazines including The Wall Street, The Economist, Time, The New York Times and much more. Likewise, Print the Legend (Bre Pettis movie) cover most of his life moments along with Bre Pettis beard.


Coming to his personal life, he has kept this section pretty tight and closed. There has been no any information regarding his affairs, past girlfriends and divorce status. However, in the present time, he is happily married man. He tied his wedding knot with Kio Stark. Though the marriage information and date has not been revealed yet, however, they share one beautiful daughter Nika Stark Pettis with each other. Both husband and wife are quite away from extramarital affairs and divorce things.

As of 2016, Bre Pettis’ net worth is $403 million dollars.