Carl Hagmier is Chief Executive Officer and founder of Nett Solutions, a company that works in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Placement (SEP). This is the only information about him that is available on the internet. 


Few sources say that Carl is married to Leanne Edwards but it is not confirmed. Honestly, we tried to find any details regarding Carl’s private life but we have succeeded in finding the name of his real wife and his children. 

Carl Hagmier is Married and Has Three Children

Some people are so successful in hiding their personal life details or better say, under the radar but in Carl Hagmier case, it’s literally.

You can find his professional details on LinkedIn but if you search the name of his wife or children, there are no any mentions of either the name of his wife or his children, not even a hint on the internet. 

Good luck in finding their birth date and marriage date. You have to meet him personally and ask him for that. However, sources said that he was married to Leanne Edwards.

[ CAPTION: Carl hagmier with his children ][ SOURCE: facebook ]

If you think there is no information on Carl, you should try searching his wife, Leanne Edwards on the internet. She does not even have a facebook account! How is that even possible? Does she even exist? 

So we are left with only one option, Carl’s facebook. Thank God! he uses Facebook (he does not use other social media). Now we are getting somewhere.

Going through his facebook pictures, we found this picture. Analysing all the pictures and all things put together, we think this possibly might be his wife, Leanne. And because of these pictures too.

[ CAPTION: LeeAnn Edwards, wife of Carl Hagmier with her daughter ][ SOURCE: facebook ]

Why would a guy put pictures of another woman on his facebook, right? So she must definitely be his wife.

But wait? We found one post where he mentions the name of his wife. Finally, we found the name of his wife. Thank goodness! We are now sharing with you.

Carl Hagmier is Not Married to Leanne But Dotty Hagmier

Yes, guys! We just learned that Leanne Edwards is not his wife. It was just a hoax. Carl Hagmier is married to his wife, Dotty Hagmier. And it is true because Carl Hagmier said so himself.


Furthermore, Carl said admiring his wife,

I just want to give a big thank you to my wife, Dotty Sunshine Hagmier, for being such an amazing mom and always going the extra mile for our kids. They are so blessed to have u as their mom. Thank youDotty Sunshine!

[ CAPTION: LeeAnn Edwards, wife of Carl Hagmier with her daughter ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

So who are we to deny? On the contrary, there is no other alternative source to find out. So we have to believe him. Now we know his wife’s name, at last, let’s search her facebook account.

Wow! she is beautiful and Dotty is seen giving a lot of time for her children. It appears the couple has three children and Dotty Hagmier loves them dearly.

Luckily, we have found the names of their children too. The oldest one of them is their daughter, Charles Hagmier who just reached 10 years old last year.

[ CAPTION: LeeAnn Edwards and Carl Hagmier children ][ SOURCE: facebook ]

The second one is Carson Hagmier, their son who is two years younger than his sister. He is nine years old now.

The youngest one being their daughter, Sheridan Hagmier, who is studying in grad school as of now.

So Carl and Dotty Hagmier are sure dedicated parents. And his facebook account says that Carl is living with them in Laguna Beach, California.

We can confirm that is true because Nett solutions are also situated in California. However, we are not sure the couple is also living together.

[ CAPTION: LeeAnn Edwards and Carl Hagmier children ][ SOURCE: facebook ]

Carl Hagmier also founded e-Display ads, a website that involves display ads and retargeting. So it is safe to assume that his company has paid him a decent amount of paycheck, assuming his company is doing well.

Carl Hagmier and His Wife Love Spending Time with Their Children

We are most certainly of that. Carl Hagmier posted pictures of him going on vacation with his children to exotic places frequently! Here’s one at Atlantis Hotel & Casino, Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas. 

Here’s another one at Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui.

[ CAPTION: LeeAnn and Carl along with children in vacation ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Then again, they were vacating at Montage Kapalua Bay too back in July 2016.

But we are sure that Carl is a loving father like his wife as he is seen spending a lot of time with his children. Remember he is a CEO of a big company and it’s difficult taking leave frequently.

On the contrary, we cannot say the same for his wife as there are no pictures that suggest they spend time together as a loving couple. But they are good parents, no arguing in that.

Actress Rhona Mitra

On a second thought, Carl might be in a relationship with someone. Some say that he was once dating Rhona Mitra.

She is an English actress, model, singer, and songwriter. Moreover, there are no mentions of her name or even pictures of Rhona with Carl Hagmier anywhere on the internet.

So it might possibly be a rumor and that Carl Hagmier and his wife, Dotty are living happily with their three children.