For those who are not familiar with the name, Omari Hardwick, he is the lead starring actor in the Starz series, Power produced by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Omari plays James “Ghost” St. Patrick in the Power.


Omari Hardwick is a married man since 2012. His wife name is Jennifer Pfautch and they have two children together. Stay with us to know more.

Omari Hardwick Stood By His Wife Through Bad Times

Omari Hardwick maintains a low profile when it comes to his family. So there is barely any information on his family. However, his wife recently hit the spotlight when people started bad commenting about her but let us tell you, Jennifer is stunningly beautiful.

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People, particularly black women made nasty remarks about Jennifer saying that she wasn’t “pretty” enough and what not. So much hate only because Omari, being a black man married a white woman.

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As a husband, he vowed to stand by his wife through good and bad times. So when his own people started calling her not beautiful enough to match with her husband, Omari could not stand.

[ CAPTION: Omari Hardwick ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

To which he gave a simple yet to the point reply via Twitter. The 43-year-old actor wrote who in reality was ugly? 

Awesome! Jennifer is sure lucky to have a loving husband like Omari. More than that, it’s sad when women were the ones behind those ugly comments. Pfautch also felt the same.


My blood Sister sent me this. I couldn’t agree more. Others of you, who are not my blood, but sisters all the same, have sent me equally powerful messages. I’m truly developing a tribe of women that most of whom I have never met. I am beyond thankful for each of you and wish I could hug your neck. Know that I pray for you. Ladies, we are so much better together, than wasting our energy trying to stay separate. None of us are the same. None of us have identical experiences. Life has kicked each of our asses more than once, and if it hasn’t, unfortunately, just wait. We need each other. Openness, compassion and a willingness to grow are prerequisites for creating a unconquerable #sisterhood. I’ve said it before, life is not an audition or a competition – God has written each of our days prior to us living even one. Love your own uniqueness while celebrating others for theirs. Girls compete. Women empower. I don’t love you any less regardless of the category you fall in. I want the best for you, even if you wish the worst for me. I pray you discover the indescribable freedom that comes when you truly understand that there is no competition for your life and lane. My victories don’t take from you, just as much as yours don’t take from anyone else. Let’s allllllll grow to empower one another as if we were blind. God bless each of you reading these words, whether you choose to bless me or not.

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Pfautch owns a website, going by the name MrsJae in which she posts inspirational quotes.

A year after they married, the couple added a new family member to the family, a beautiful daughter, Nova Hardwick. Omari happens to be a family man. Here’s a post that proves that he is indeed a family man and good father.


My beautiful precious strong Brave son….you will awake sometimes and boys who look like you, who you trust will understand your soul & see your work for your culture and for all people…who you would have assumed were aware of your use of your platform (whatever that may look like for you son)..don’t. Or PSA’s for lil black boy wonders like you poured out of you, that your wife perhaps shares your time with her…with the world, 97% of which is for lil blu apple poets who need a voice to help spew out the pain associated often with being not heard, not paid attention to, not treated equal, not UNDERSTOOD….even if by your OWN people at times. You remind the world constantly of every power you embrace as a black american while some question your blackness because of what your QUEEN of a mother looks like. they don’t see color queen they see color not brown or black. But you will never be confused because your parents are strong as Ox. and very in tuned with God’s blueprints and that our greatest work is aiding in the explanation of this blueprint for those lost & blind. we are all blind at times but your work son is to always SEE enough to know when you are blind. Waking this way is as mind boggling as waking to yet another senseless murder of little to even older black men of wonder left for us to do the wondering for. Wondering what they could have become or what even they could have maintained had they not been removed from this green earth by black gun held by white hand. these boys colored freddie gray or michael brown you are a part of. when you say you are….some will debate that. others will attempt to actually remind you you are. Son, Brave beautiful boy could you ever imagine a life where this black father of yours & this white mother of yours did not teach you ALL of who you are everyday?! I know your answer son cuz i made you. You are a beautiful KING of an array of cultures who in this life will at times only be seen as black and as an issue. Brave boy even though at times you will feel you can’t win, YOU WILL ALWAYS WIN because you like your incredible mama @mrsjaeh & your papa and others in your blood line……are a MOUNTAIN CLIMBER.

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The Speechless actor became a father the second time when he was 40 years old. This time Jennifer gave birth to a son, Brave Hardwick.

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Needless to say, Omari loves his children equally as his wife. Jennifer also appears to have a good sense of humor which might have helped in keeping their relation healthier and happier.

The A-Team actor apart from being an actor is also a philanthropist. He believes in having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Omari has acted in several movies and tv series with the help of which he has garnered more than 2 million Instagram followers. 

The Guardian actor is also a hardworking person and gives 100% to his work. As we heard that he trained for a whole 2 years as a fireman and paramedics. This is how he has built an epitome of a successful career.

Omari Hardwick is a dedicated, down to earth, low key actor. We do not get to see actors like him these days.