It’s true that television program earns lots of money. But, have you ever wonder, how much does the Television personality earn? So Get a chance to know about the American television personality Petros Papadakis and her salary as well as net worth from her professional TV career.


Besides his successful career, his fans are keen to know his net worth,  salary, and properties. So today we are going to talk about Petros Papadakis’ net worth and his properties.

Petros Papadakis’ Net worth

The talented television and radio personality, Petros Papadakis earns a good sum of money in his career. Allocating information from the several sources it is found out that his estimated net worth of $14 million. declared as the Most Inspirational Player by his USC teammates, Petros Papadakis has undoubtedly enriched the USC football practices and also in the sports reporting arena.

[ CAPTION: Petros Papadakis ][ SOURCE: Fox Sports ]

His work includes Fox Sports Radio and TV reporter for Fox. His net worth isn’t disclosed by the media but considering his achievements and fame, it shouldn’t be less than a million dollar.

[ CAPTION: Petros Papadakis ][ SOURCE: Laughstub ]

He is well known as the co-host of Petros and Money Show on Fox Sports Radio (FSN). By which he has earned huge fame and extreme amount of money. 

Petros Papadakis Career

Papadakis is the talented person who has experience in different sectors. His family has long-held ties to USC sports. He started his college at the University of California, Berkeley. He left Cal Fall football training camp, undetected, in the middle of the night and hitchhiked back to Los Angeles after being homesick after one week.

[ CAPTION: Petros Papadakis ][ SOURCE: Sportstalker ]

In 1999 and  2000, he was named USC’s team captain. However, he broke his foot in August 1999, requiring several operations that caused him to miss that season. After a month of rehabilitation, Papadakis returned in 2000.

[ CAPTION: Petros Papadakis ][ SOURCE: facebook ]

In 2002 and 2003 Papadakis continued broadcasting on FSN and work as a sideline reporter for FSN’s High School Game of the week. He also became the host of the USC Magazine show on FSN.

In 2004, Fox Sports Net appointed him to comment on national PAC-10 games alongside Barry Tompkins. Petros had no booth knowledge when FSN named him its top color analyst.

[ CAPTION: Petros Papadakis ][ SOURCE: Journal ]

From 2006 to 2010, Papadakis called a number games as part of the California State high school Bowl Championship game on FSN.

Currently, Papadakis provides analysis for Fox Sports on their college football telecasts as well as FS1’s Fox Sports Live studio show.