Are you a fan of the AMC television series, The Walking Dead? If so, then you also know the real name of Carl Grimes, don’t you? We have heard that the TV-son of Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs is currently in a relationship with the Instagram star, Brianna Maphis.


What will you say if a fan had the opportunity to be in a relationship with her favorite star? Miracle, isn’t it? If you do not know anything about them, be calm and scroll down. Also, find out if they are still together?

Chandler Riggs dating Brianna Maphis?

The dating rumors of Chandler Riggs and Brianna Maphis were true but, now they are not together anymore. A good thing for his female fans? They had been a couple since 2016 but some months ago, they broke up. Their love story?

[ CAPTION: First meeting of Chandler and Brianna ][ SOURCE: Wattpad ]

It can come as quite a shocking news to their fans, but they really met on a cruise ship. Brianna saw Chandler, she posted it on her twitter. As she was a fan of The Walking Dead, she asked Chandler for a selfie and we all know one thing led to the other.

[ CAPTION: Graduation photo of Brianna Maphis ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

With the start of their relationship really foggy, we only know that the young actor followed his girlfriend in her graduation ceremony. The couple is seen everywhere together. They were also seen in Brianna’s Prom night.

Some months ago, it was officially accepted by Brianna herself that she broke up with Chandler. All of the Instagram and other social media posts with Chandler have been deleted by Brianna. So, it seems that they had a rough ending to their love story.

Chandler Riggs: Past Relationships

Chandler Riggs has been in romantic relationships for just two times as reported by some tabloid sources. He dated the famous Instagram star, Brianna Maphis for a year and a half, but, broke up with her some months ago.

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[ CAPTION: Chandler Riggs and Hana Hayes ][ SOURCE: Hitberry ]

The actor was also seen with Lizzie Sanderson of The Grinder from 2014 to 2016. Hana Hayes was on good terms with The Walking Dead actor even after their breakup. The reason for their break up is still unknown to all of their fans. But, it seems that both of them have moved on.

To sum up Chandler Riggs’ love story, he was in love with Hana Hayes but, the duo broke up for some unknown reasons. Then, Brianna Maphis came to light up his world. But, that did not also work out for him. In either case, do you think Chandler will find his true love someday?