Being a popular model cum actress, Sophie Simmons has an exceptional professional career. But her personal life seems to be secretive. Her fans are very eager to know about her personal life.


As Sophie has been seen with many guys in the public but she has not talked about her relationship with all of them. Once she was in a relationship with Christopher James and her fans and followers really wanted to know if they are still together?

If not, then who is Sophie Simmons dating currently? Stay with us to know about her personal life.

Is Sophie Simmons still in a relationship with Christopher James?

If we dig into the love affair between Sophie Simmons and Christopher James, then there is not so much information available. There is no exact date about when and how they started dating. According to some tabloids, Sophie and Christopher were dating each other since their college time but we don’t know how true this information is.

[ CAPTION: Sophie Simmons with ex-boyfriend Christopher James ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The fact is that Sophie and Christopher were in an open relationship. The couple was spotted at many places. In 2013, this couple was seen in Maui, Hawaii enjoying the beach. Sophie and Christopher seem to enjoy together.

[ CAPTION: Sophie Simmons with ex-boyfriend Christopher James ][ SOURCE: Liverampup ]

Unfortunately, Simmons and James are no more together. The reason for their break up is not disclosed yet. There was a rumor that James left Simmons just because of being fat, however, none of them has spoken about the reason for their separation.

Is Sophie Simmons engaged?

Sophie Simmons showed off her diamond ring on her ring finger during the audition of X-Factor. Due to this reason, many people thought that she was engaged and wants to keep it a secret.

But later on, she revealed that the ring belongs to her mother and she was wearing it for good luck. So, we can say that she is not planning to get married yet.

[ CAPTION: Sophie showed a ring during the audition of X-Factor ][ SOURCE: toofab ]

If we view her social media platform we can’t see her with any guys. So we can assume that she may be single this day however we are not sure about it. She may be focusing on her professional career than her love life.

[ CAPTION: Sophie Simmons ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So, we can say that she is not in any relationship until this day. She also has not talked about any guys. Maybe she is focusing on her career. Well, maybe she is in the search of the right guy to love her. Hope she will get more success in her career and find the perfect match soon.