Chloe Ferry is widely recognized as British Television Star from “Newcastle” and also cast member in the MTV reality series, “Geordie Shore” (2015). She gave a remarkable performance in the nineteenth series, “Celebrity Big Brother” (2017).

Early Life

Chloe Ferry, earlier known as Chloe Etherington/ Chloe November was born on 31st August 1995 in New Castle upon Tyne in England. She loves dancing in her young age so, she joined dance school in England. Ferry also had a keen interest in sports. She raised as a national Skater and also used to compete in various sports. However, at the age of eighteen, she began to develop her career as an actor and indulge herself in acting.


Prior her acting career, she did the job in a nightclub which helps her to boost her personality as a style icon and ultra-sexy persona. She introduced herself as reality television personality in short span of time. In the 10th season of “Geordie Shore,” her reputation rises tremendously.

Chloe starred as a guest artist in an episode of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents in 30th June 2015. Similarly, she also appeared in “Sex Pod” on 2nd March 2017 and “Release the Hounds” on 16th March 2017.

Chloe got high recognition when she joined the “Celebrity Big Brother House,” taking part in the nineteenth series as a CBB19 housemate on 13th January 2017.

Personal Life

The beautiful and hot diva is not married yet. She is currently single, but she is very close with a guy named Nathan Henry. She usually posts his picture on Instagram with him.

British Television Persona, Chloe Ferry is beautiful with her hazel eyes and long blonde color hair. She loved to do the party a lot and roamed with friends circle to share happiness.

Chloe is one of the most famous celebrities of MTV’s Geordie Shore, always in the top news stories due to her questionable activities. She is dragged into the controversial story often.

Plastic Surgery

Chloe Ferry has done nose surgery to look gorgeous. She reportedly told to “Mail Online” that she did nose job because Ferry finds herself ugly naturally and after doing plastic surgery she felt much beautiful and glamourous. She also said that she don’t have any regrets doing plastic surgery and soon she might do nose job second time too.

Semi Naked Outfit

Chloe Ferry had horrified many viewers who followed the top news when she changed her clothes in front of Calum and Jamie, cast member of Celebrity Big Brother UK. She flirts with Calum in Celebrity big brother house and said she prefer older men, which was controversial behavior in reality television show.

Recently on her 21st birthday, she was drunk heavily, and she fell down. There are lots of awkward pictures that flash out in social media which creates lots of controversies.

She also posts her pictures in semi-naked clothes most of the time and thus giving attention to media and many viewers, has successfully become the controversy queen.

Net Worth

Chloe’s current net worth is not revealed, but she earns from various sources. She is popular television personality and also involves in the many endorsements. The fashion icon has a brand of grocery and usually put off branded clothes, which worth more than thousand dollars.