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Cindy Freed is a well-known name in ESPN, who has been serving in the position of Vice President at the Sales Marketing Department of ESPN since 2011.

Before ESPN

Freed has had long years of experience in the field before joining ESPN. She has worked with various big names such as Yahoo as a leader of its ad-sales marketing group. During her tenure at Yahoo as an ad/sales exec, she also looked after preparing useful and informative contents under various subjects such as finance, entertainment, and dports. Similarly, at Yahoo, she was also a key staff for it’s marketing solution team.

Freed was credited by her peers at Yahoo for her customer-centric marketing solutions. Before joining Yahoo, Freed had experience of working as a Vice-President of Business Marketing at USA Today. She had also been associated with BBDO, where she held the position of Media Planning Supervisor.

Roles at ESPN

Since the starting of her career at ESPN, Freed has been able to substantiate herself as a valuable ESPN employee. With the experience she has had with various big names, Freed has been able to introduce some innovative and creative approaches to marketing at ESPN.

At ESPN, she has also been monitoring diverse groups linked with sales and marketing of ESPN such as co-marketing team, creative works, and marketing services. Likewise,  she has been contributing to maintaining a stable relationship with ESPN’s clients, developing cross-platform and creative ideas.

Her tenure at ESPN has been fruitful in expanding ESPN’s business relationships. Likewise, whe was the one to develop the storytelling model for ESPN sales team. The model has been productive in persuading advertisers and media buying agencies to invest with ESPN.

“What I saw was that ESPN wasn’t necessarily telling stories – our sales team was going into client meetings with very dry information.”

Storytelling in Marketing and Communications

Cindy Freed is a well-known name with regards to narrating approach in advertising and marketing. As a specialist of the narrating approach,  she has been to various Universities to provide lectures on the narrating appraoch adopted by ESPN.

In spite of impediments of Storytelling, Freed appears to be idealistic with regards to power of storytelling and futureof the approach in the media.

“Surround yourself with good people. I tell them, ‘our job is not to make this look pretty – our job is to tell the story.’”