Who is a Comedian? He is a professional entertainer who makes their audiences laugh and live out of it. And today we have a great comedian Dave Chappelle on our roaster, who is able to put a smile on millions of faces through the Comedy Central show.


We know that laughing is the great cure for sorrow and loneliness and people who do it are divine. Don’t you think so? Besides being a comedian, he is also known as an actor, writer, and producer professionally he is a comedian but, do you know about his personal life? 

Dave is living a happily married life with his wife  Elaine Chappelle. Do you wanna know more about his married life and children? If, its something that interests you, then let’s get the detailed information on this comedian.

Dave Chappelle Married to his wife Elaine Chappelle

Dave married his beautiful girlfriend Elaine Mendoza. However, it has been stated that Elaine was not sure about date Dave because she doesn’t like the people with loud personality and later on they fell in love quickly when she knew that Dave was loud to hide shyness. But it’s still a mystery about their first meet.

[ CAPTION: Dave Chappelle with his wife Elaine Chappelle ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

They got married in early 2001 after their love affair and they already have celebrated their 16th anniversary.  A marriage isn’t just a pair of a ring it’s a vow to trust and the couple really have justifies the true meaning of their marriage.

[ CAPTION: Dave Chappelle with his wife Elaine Chappelle ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The couple is blessed with three children and is living a lavish life. Before getting into the topic lets laugh for a while. Here we present Chappelle’s show:

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Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle’s Children

They have altogether three children, two sons Sulayman and Ibrahim and a daughter Sonal. He is living a happily married life with his family in Ohio cornfields in a house of 65-acre’s land.

[ CAPTION: Dave Chappelle Family ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He seems to be very loving and caring to his family as he is captured many times spending time with his family. Recently, he converted to Islam from Christianity.

[ CAPTION: Dave Chappelle ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

He is able to live a lavish life with his family and can you imagine what might be his net worth? His net worth is estimated to be over $7.5 million.

Walking through the love life of Dave, he might have involved in a love relationship before meeting Elaine Mendoza but he has never revealed anything in this regards. We just know that he is a happily married man who is enjoying each and every moment of his life joyfully.

We know that he makes everyone laugh so we wish him all the happiness in this world. We hope you enjoyed out today’s catch! For more updated be with is Dodoodad.com.