David Blaine is an American magician, illusionist, and endurance artist, well-known for his high-profile feats of endurance and world record-breaking performance.

David is engaged to Alizee Guinochet, a French model. After dating for several months, the couple fell in a deep romantic relationship and on 4th April 2009, the couple engaged.

David Blaine Early Life and Education

David was born as David Blaine White on 4th April 1973 in Brooklyn, New York. He was born to father, Willian Perez, and mother, Patrice Maureen White, and grew up along with his siblings.

His parents divorced when he was four years old and his mother married to second husband, John Bukalo when he was 10 years old.

Blaine was raised by his single mother and used to attend Passaic Valley Regional High School. He saw a magician performance at the age of 4 in the subway and that performance triggered a strong impression in his heart and lifelong interest.

David Blaine Magician & Illusionist Career

Eventually, after several years of hard work, David started performing on street and made his appearance first time on NBC television show, David Blaine: Street Magic.

He earned huge appreciation from viewers which encouraged him to perform dangerous tricks such as Buried Alive, Frozen in Time, Vertigo, Mysterious Stranger, Above the Below, and much more.

Blaine is a dedicated and an amazing magician. His show Drowned Alive Stunt lasted seven days in 8 feet and 2.4m diameter water-filled sphere containing isotonic saline.

He performed the show in front of the Lincoln Center in New York City on 1st May 2006 where his physiological reaction to prolonged submersion was monitor by the Yale University researchers.

Youtube: Drowned Alive by David Blaine;

Moreover, David also starred in 90 minutes ABC television special episode, David Blaine: Real or Magic on 19th November 2013.

His other performance Beyond Magic was broadcast on 15th November 2016 named as David Blaine: What Is Magic?. During the show, he fires the gun himself and catches the bullet which was performed in front of 20,000 people on stage.

David Blaine catches a bullet in his mouth

During the show he was injured when the cup slipped and the bullet shattered his mouthguard, cutting the throat. Currently, David Blaine is busy with his several other shows and unbelievable magic ticks which really is beyond the magic.

David Blaine Engaged, Dating, Children, Wife, Girlfriend

David outstanding magic tricks won the heart of millions of people but only a few were able to win his heart. He is engaged to Alizee Guinochet, a French model. After dating for several months, the couple fell in a deep romantic relationship and on 4th April 2009, the couple engaged.

David and Guinochet welcome their first child, Dessa Blaine, in 2011 but their relationship was getting weak as they couldn’t give proper time to each other due to their busy schedules life. Eventually, the couple separated in 2013 but raised their daughter together.

Afterward, David was seen with several unknown girls. Once he was captured in nightclub getting frisky with an unknown girl and it was reported that he is cheating his fiancee. At that time David and Alizee were already separated but they haven’t announced their separation officially.

Beside David relationship with his fiancee, he dated Lonneke Engel, Mallory Snyder, Manon von Gerkan, Daryl Hannah, Josie Maran, Madonna, and Fiona Apple. Currently, he is single and focusing more on his career rather than love affairs.

David Blaine Net Worth, Income, Earning, Salary

David earns a huge sum of net worth from in his career by his jaw-dropping performance. Though he wasn’t listed on the Highest Paid Magicians but qualified for it.

Blaine earns a huge sum of money from different TV shows and street performance. He performed in different places around the globe and earned a good sum of money from his first world tour.

David Blaine Net Worth

Blaine raised $2 million from the Electrified event which he donated to Liberty Science Centre and $100,000 during the Magic for Haiti event which was donated for Haiti earthquake relief.

He also obtains a decent amount of money from different shows including David Blaine: Beyond Magic. Allocating information from several sources as of 2018, it is found out that his current estimated net worth is around $900 million.