Delmar Drew Arnaud, often known by his stage name Daz Dillinger, is a famous name in American Hip-Hop music history. Dillinger has gained name and fame with his gangsta rap and he is considered as one of the prominent rappers in the United States. Born on May 25, 1973, Dillinger has been working as an American Hip Hop artist and producer for more than two decades and is best known as the member of duo Tha Dogg Pound. His work with Death Row Records helped him to gain more identity in American Hip Hop music history. He has also been known for his contribution in g-funk and gangsta rap.


Dillinger is considered as a multi-instrumentalist who can play Drums, Keyboards, drum machine and sampler. Daz began to work on Death Row records for co-founder Suge Knight’s project Paradise. He worked as a producer for paradise. Later on, he got a chance to work with some prominent Hip Hop artist such as Dr. Dre, with whom he worked on The Chronic,  the breakthrough west coast album.

While working for Death Row he also met Kurupt and worked professionally with him as well forming the debut album Tha Dogg Pound for Doggystyle. After working with some famous hip-hop artist such as 2-pac, he started to work on his own solo album. His album Retaliation, Revenge and Get Back were recorded on Death Row in 1998. He ended his tenure in Death Row on 2000 and then started to work with Kurupt, Soopafly, and B-Legit. In 2001, he worked with Kurupt in their second album Dillinger & Young Gotti. Their second album received mixed reviews from critics.


Dillinger worked on Death Row from 1992 to 1999 and after that, he has been working under D.P.G. He is also currently working with record label Gangsta Advisory since 2000. From 2003 to 2006 he worked for So So Def/Virgin/EMI Records. In 2006 he joined another record label Kock where he worked for three years. Since 2002 he has been Doggy Style and has worked with many hip-hop celebrities under the label.

Coming to this far, Daz has worked on various studio albums, collaborative albums, compilation albums and Eps. His studio albums include R.A.W, Gangsta Crunk, Matter of Dayz, D.A.Z, Witit Witit, Weed Money and much more. Similarly, he has worked in collaborative albums such as Long Beach 2 Fillmoe, Game for Sale with JT the Bigga Figga, Southwest with Nuwine, Get That Paper with Fratthouse, West Coast Gangsta Shit with WC and with other many artists.


Digging about his personal life, Daz remains silent about it. He has not spoken anything about his marital status, relationship, and affairs. He might have been in series in relationships but he has hidden it nicely. Being a hardworking and talented artist, he made a good amount of money from his career. Daz has a net worth of $1.5 million. He has a gigantic body with a height of 5’10’’. More information about Daz can be found in a biography written for various websites.