The Marvel character, Deadpool made its debut in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991. Initially, Deadpool was shown as a supervillain and later as the anti-heroic persona. Deadpool’s alter ego is Wade Wilson, a disfigured and deeply disturbed mercenary as well as an assassin.

Wilson has a wicked sense of humor that he uses as a coping mechanism. The character is known as “Merc with a mouth” due to his talkative nature. The character is known for breaking the fourth wall. Deadpool is a pansexual and loves using the words duodenum and chimichanga.

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Deadpool Powers and Abilities

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Deadpool has highly regenerative healing powers that he derived from Wolverine(X-Men). He can heal from injuries in tremendous speed. His healing powers are superior to that of Wolverine as he can also regrow missing limbs and organs. Deadpool is also immune to psychics. His strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability are of a superhuman level.

[ CAPTION: Deadpool ][ SOURCE: 9gag ]

Deadpool is also a skilled marksman, swordsman, and hand to hand combatant. Deadpool also had access to a holographic image inducer which he would use to disguise as other people. He also has a teleportation device. Deadpool is also multilingual and can speak fluent Japanese, German, Spanish and American Sign Language.

Wade Wilson Early Life

Wade Wilson had conflicting memories regarding his past life due to his mental instability. His origin is frequently rewritten. One origin story shows that his mother died of cancer when Wilson was a child. His father was in the military and abusive towards Wade. Wade was involved in crimes from his teenage. His father was killed by one of his friends. In another version, his parents were shown alive in Canada.

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After leaving home, Wade was briefly involved in military service then he went on to start his mercenary career. He accepted assassination jobs only if he felt the person deserved to be killed hence held a moral of his own. He had developed a habit of using plastic surgery to change his appearance in case his mission failed.

At one point Wade was active in Morocco where he was romantically linked with a woman named Francie. As his relationship soured he traveled through Asia. He was hired in Japan by a crimelord, the Boss to infiltrate a sumo-wrestling ring owned by a rival criminal, the Oyakata. Wilson spent three years as a wrestler under Oyataka’s guardianship and fell in love with his daughter, Sazae. When the Boss ordered Wilson to kill Oyataka, he refused and relocated to the US.

In America, Wilson fell in love with prostitute Vanessa Carlysle, who later become Copycat. When Wilson was hired to assassinate a blind British government operative named Althea, Blind Al, he killed everyone but Blind Al. The people who hired Wilson for the job sought vengeance and targeted Vanessa. [ CAPTION: Vanessa Carlysle aka Copycat ][ SOURCE: Marvel ] [ CAPTION: Vanessa Carlysle in movie played by Morena Baccarin ][ SOURCE: Gay Times ]

However, Vanessa was saved by Zoe Culloden, an employee of the interdimensional firm Landau, Luckman, Lake, and LeQuare. Culloden kept Wilson under surveillance since he believed he would play a role as a potential threat to the world.

Department K

Wilson found out that he had cancer so, he broke up with Vanessa rather than forcing her to live with a terminally ill man. He even gave up his chemo treatments wishing not to lengthen things. In Canada, he was offered to be part of Department K, a special weapon development branch of the Canadian government where he became their test subject.

As part of the U.S./Canadian government superhuman enhancement project, the Weapon X Program, his cancer was temporarily arrested via the implantation of a healing factor derived from another Department K agent, Wolverine. [ CAPTION: Wade Wilson being approached for Department K ][ SOURCE: Den Of Geeks ]

Wilson was active in a covert field with cyborgs Kane and Slayback and the near-invulnerable Sluggo. Vanessa herself was affiliated with the team after manifesting mutant shapeshifting abilities calling herself, Copycat.

Weapon X

During one mission, Wilson killed his teammate Slayback so, he was rejected from the Weapon X Program and sent to Hospice, allegedly a government facility where failed superhuman operatives were treated. But, unknown to the Canadian government, the Hospice patients were subjected to experiments by Doctor Killebrew and his sadistic assistant Ajax. The patients would place bets in a “Deadpool” as to how long each subject would live.

Wilson was subjected to many torturous experiments and he formed a semi-romantic relationship with the cosmic entity, Death, who regarded him as a kindred spirit. Wilson started trying to kill himself to be with Death. He even taunted Ajax by using his real name Francis. Irritated with Wilson, Ajax then lobotomized Worm, the closest thing to friend Wilson had. Wilson killed Worm so that he could be freed from the pain at Death’s prompting. [ CAPTION: Wade Wilson tortured by Ajax ][ SOURCE: Nerdist ]

As per Killebrew’s rules, Wilson’s heart was torn out by Ajax since any patient who killed another was to be executed. But Wilson’s thirst for vengeance was so strong that it triggered his healing factor, regenerating his heart but not curing his scarred body.

Wade Wilson as Deadpool

After his escape from the hospice, Deadpool served as an enforcer alongside the surgically altered criminal Hammerhead for some time. Soon, he returned to his mercenary activities wearing a costume. At some point, he was employed by Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime. He also clashed with the Wolverine,  when Wolverine was a spy for the Canadian Government. He also caught up with Blind Al and kept her as a prisoner in his home, killing all those who helped her escape.

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After some years, Deadpool went back to the Canadian government, where he was treated by Doctor Walter Langkowski, the bestial Sasquatch of Canada’s super-team Alpha Flight perhaps seeking vengeance.

However, Deadpool soon realized the government work did not suit his personality so he left it. Deadpool was then hired by the criminal genius, Wizard but he went to wrong address. When he was contacted by the Wizard again, he joined other criminals the Taskmaster, the Constrictor in a short-lived version of the Frightful Four.

Heroes for Hire and Butler

Deadpool tried to join the Heroes for Hire and accompanied them on a mission to protect a bodega from Manhattan from a mob boss. While on the mission, Carmelita Camacho, the daughter of bodega’s owner had sex with Deadpool thinking they were going to die. Camacho got pregnant which Deadpool did not know of and raised the kid Eleanor Camacho, alone. [ CAPTION: Deadpool with his daughter Ellie Camacho ][ SOURCE: Tumblr ]

Deadpool was contacted by Butler, Department K’s member, to provide him with tissues and blood samples for “the orphans”. Butler intended to use the samples to find a cure for cancer for his sister. He sedated Deadpool under simulations which would cause Wade’s memory to malfunction in the future. Butler also used mind-wipe drugs to manipulate Deadpool. He even sent Deadpool to kill his parents.

As Deadpool got sick of Butler’s experiments, he left the project. However, the Butler would recurrently assault Deadpool during his sleep or after drugging him to keep collecting samples. The Butler even kidnapped Carmelita and Eleanor as an insurance policy if Deadpool ever left. He sent Carmelita to South Korea and Eleanor to live with his brother. 


Through the Butler, Deadpool found a job for time-traveling arms merchant, Tolliver. He was reunited with Sluggo and Copycat there. Tolliver sent Copycat to impersonate another new mutant Domino which Deadpool did not know of. Deadpool requited Weasel to be his weapon supplier and the two became “friends”, despite Deadpool’s act of violence against him. [ CAPTION: Weasel ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Deadpool was sent to kill Cable, the mutant soldier from the future who was, in fact, Tolliver’s father. Copycat was impersonating as Domino beside Cable at that time. Deadpool was defeated by Cable and his group of young mutants called New Mutants.

Cable named the New Mutants X-Force. He seemingly killed Tolliver in a battle and commanded a search by various mercenaries for the advanced technology he had left behind. Deadpool’s search was however interrupted by an old friend, Slayback who had cybernetically constituted himself after being slain by Deadpool. During the battle, Copycat was seriously injured and Deadpool sacrificed a part of his healing factor to save her.


Deadpool helped and X-force member, Siryn against her uncle, Black Tom Cassidy and the Juggernaut who forced Killebrew into their service. Deadpool developed a strong attachment to Siryn but Siryn only returned the feelings partially. [ CAPTION: Cable’s New Mutants X-Force ][ SOURCE: CBR ]

Unsure of his worthiness, Deadpool went to Copycat and found out she was now dating Kane. Deadpool fought Kane and Wolverine, the latter being sent to check up on Kane by a mutual friend. Deadpool was then abducted by information brokers seeking a cure for the Legacy Virus but was rescued by Wolverine and mutant mercenary Maverick.

He teamed up with Siryn for a mission again where together they escaped from being kidnapped by Dr. Weisman. However, Shatterstar was forced to battle the mentally unstable Deadpool.

Hellhouse and Mithras

As this plan failed too, Deadpool sought to reclaim his position as the Kingpin’s assassin and was challenged by fellow assassin Bullseye. He began going frequently to mercenary hangout called Hellhouse where Patch issued assignments. There he routinely clashed with T-Ray, a sorcerer and assassin. He maintained a constant dislike against T-Ray. [ CAPTION: T-Ray ][ SOURCE: Marvel Database ]

Deadpool was then approached by Zoe Culloden of the rechristened Landau, Luckman and lake who believed that he was destined to be a Mithras, one who would help start golden age for the Earth. Skeptical, Deadpool rejected it and went on to face a string of personal failures, including the alienation of Weasel and Blind Al.

Hoping to change, Deadpool found that killing was not easily left behind. Ajax had been killing many of Weapon X’s inmates mainly wanting to kill Deadpool to get revenge. Ajax sought help from Dr. Killebrew to get the frequency of teleportation device and later killed him.

Before being kidnapped by Ajax through the teleportation belt, Deadpool set Blind Al free. Deadpool killed Ajax as a vow to the ghosts of his fellow former Weapon X inmates. Deadpool hoped to move forward by accepting Culloden’s offer, only to be distressed that his role was to kill Tiamat, a potential threat to the arriving “Messiah”. Deadpool instead killed the Messiah after earning that it brought no peace but rather mindless bliss.

Continued Mercenary Life

Deadpool returned to his mercenary life after having lost optimism about bettering himself. Troubled by the recent events, he went to the psychiatrist Doctor Bong who advised him to work out his difficulties in a fight with Wolverine.

Even though the fight cleared Deadpool’s mind, the resurrection of Mercedes Wilson whom Wade still considered being his wife gave his psyche a big blow. T-Ray was responsible for this and he even stated that he was the true Wade Wilson. The revelation did not break Deadpool’s spirit and swearing vengeance T-Ray departed with Mercedes Wilson. [ CAPTION: Mercedes Wilson ][ SOURCE: Comic Vine ]

During an assassination assignment against author Duncan Vess, Deadpool again clashed with Wolverine who sensed something wrong with Vess. Vess turned out to be a werewolf and the pair battled against Vess’s vengeful kinsmen. Wolverine and Deadpool parted on good terms. Some weeks later, Deadpool captured Wolverine to save Siryn as commanded by the Watchtower group. Siryn was cured and Wolverine easily fought his captors.

Deadpool then briefly shared an apartment with fellow mercenaries, Titania and the Constrictor. However, Titania turned out to be Copycat and the apartment was blown up by the Wizard and the Taskmaster, both seeking revenge.

He then established a secret warehouse headquarters where he brought his young sidekick calling himself Kid Deadpool (Chris Cassera). However, it was later revealed that Kid Deadpool was seeking revenge against Deadpool for his part in Cassera’s father’s death and hence blew up the warehouse.

Gemini Star

Deadpool was pursued by Sabretooth and invited him to join a new Weapon X Program. Impressed by Weapon X’s upgrade to his healing factor, agreed to join the program but the organization’s method turned out to be too bloody even for him. After Copycat’s death from hands of Sabretooth, he confronted the director. However, his healing factor was reversed to the point where he lost his physical cohesion and died. The lingering effects of Deadpool’s healing power upgrade resurrected but left him amnesiac(a person experiencing a partial or total loss of memory)

A chance encounter with Weasel brought his memory back and he found out that other people had been impersonating as Deadpool in his absence. The imposters were apparently fragments of his personality given form by a device called Gemini Star, wielded by T-Ray.

T-Ray was hired by an intergalactic villain Thanos who was jealous of Deadpool and Death’s relationship as he was in love with Death himself. T-ray intended to use the Gemini star to produce and kill each aspect of Deadpool’s personality to leave him as an empty shell. However, Deadpool damaged the device causing his personality fragments to be absorbed into T-ray which left Ray in a coma. Deadpool then claimed his identity as the true Wade Wilson.

Agent X

After the assignment against Four Winds crime family, Deadpool gained the status of a great mercenary and formed a company called DP, Inc. with business partner Sandi Brandenberg. However, his success was short lived when Black Swan, the assassin who actually killed Four Winds himself sought vengeance for Deadpool’s wrongful claim.

Both were believed to be dead after an explosive confrontation but Swan used his telepathic power which caused the memories and skills of both Deadpool to merge into the corpse of his underling Nijo. Deadpool’s healing powers resurrected Nijo and Sandi, mistaking him for Deadpool nursed him back to health. Nijo took the name of Alex Hayden having no knowledge of his past and teamed up with Sandi and the Taskmaster to form Agency X. [ CAPTION: Black Swan ][ SOURCE: Comic Vine ]

The Black Swan soon resurfaced with Deadpool in tow intending to restore all three men to their previous state however, Swan double-crossed them absorbing both of their powers and attempting to kill them both. Deadpool stabbed the Swan while he was busy with Hayden. When the Agent x asked Deadpool to join them, he rejected.

Deadpool with Cable

Both Deadpool and Cable became involved with a terrorist plot aimed at unleashing the shape-shifting “Façade Virus” upon the world. They both got infected by the virus and could survive only after merging their DNA structures. So, they both would teleport together. The virus also temporarily cured Deadpool’s scarred face, however, Cable shut down all infections of the virus worldwide and his scarred skin was back. [ CAPTION: Deadpool and Cable ][ SOURCE: Nerdist ]

Cable was perfecting his abilities in order to become a world leader guiding a new era of peace. Cyclops, Cable’s father was worried about his son and hired Wade to find and assemble pieces of teleporter meant to stop Cable if it came to it. Cable knowingly set the world‘s leaders against him.

When the X-Men and Deadpool attacked the Providence, Deadpool turned on X-Men and sided with Cable. Cable confessed to wanting to become a martyr to show the governments that they could achieve something by working together.

In an attack by the Silver Surfer, Cable burnt out his powers and escaped death by a narrow margin when Deadpool removed the telepathic and telekinetic parts of his brain using a mini-teleporter. As Cable was gravely injured, Wade set out to recover some techno-organic matter to replace the damage.

Deadpool encountered Agent-X and the Fixer during the mission and became successful but was left unemployed thereafter. Cable felt guilty for degrading Deadpool’s status as a mercenary corrupted by heroism. So, Cable hired Deadpool covertly without revealing that it was him. [ CAPTION: Deadpool and Cable ][ SOURCE: News Entertainment Earth ]

Deadpool later rescued Cable again, teleporting through several alternate worlds to retrieve him. Cable returned the favor by repairing Deadpool’s brain damage before his powers burnt out once more without changing his personality and powers.

Civil War

When the Superhuman Registration Act came into law, Deadpool tried to get hired by S.H.I.E.L.D as a licensed bounty hunter. Although his initial attempts were unsuccessful, he was hired to hunt Cable. Wade was unsuccessful in the job. 

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Attempting to fix his damaged reputation, Deadpool kidnapped Taskmaster and forced him to fight to convince four Government higher-ups (who were kidnapped) to hire him again. Although Deadpool won the fight he wasn’t hired reasoning he was too immature.

Toy Mercenary and Agency X

Deadpool awoke days later to find that he had been shrunk with Pym Particles by Weasel, who did so to help Wade take on Rhino. Deadpool tried but was instead made into a key-chain and taken to the Three Strikes Bar, where he was humiliated. After being flushed down the toilet, Deadpool managed to come back and beat up everyone including Rhino. [ CAPTION: Deadpool and Rhino ][ SOURCE: Imgur ]

Agency X approached Deadpool to find and rescue Agent X who was captured by Hydra. Still, only a few inches tall, Deadpool went with Weasel to the Hydra base in Afghanistan, where they met Bob, Agent of Hydra and used him to free Agent X. Deadpool was changed back to normal size in the process. He was asked to take over Agency X until Nijo got back into shape.

Returning to Agency X, they found that Sandi and Outlaw had been taken hostage by T-Ray. Deadpool was almost killed when he tried to save them but ended up stabbing T-Ray in the head with a katana.

Cable’s “Death” and Penetrator

Deadpool came to help when Providence was attacked by the Hetacomb. He arrived too late to fight the alien but was able to help Cable to fight off the Marauders. Deadpool realized Cable wouldn’t trust him with important tasks and sent home alone while Cable seemingly perished with Providence. Deadpool went to Rumekistan to pay his final respects to Cable.

While Deadpool was there, he was asked to stop Wolverine from destroying a Hydra base. Wade found Weasel dressed up in a teleportation suit calling himself the “Penetrator” at the base. Wolverine decapitated Deadpool and began to kill the Hydra agents, leaving ones that were strapped into suits like that of Penetrator.

They activated the suit to escape but were sent to Guantanamo Bay as Weasel had rigged their suits to do so. Bob was able to reattach Deadpool’s head. Wade, Weasel, and Bob returned to Rumekistan to finish paying their final respects when Deadpool and Bob disappeared in a flash of light because of the damaged suit Weasel wore.

Time Travel and Resurrecting T-Ray

Deadpool and Bob appeared in Europe, circa World War II where they encountered Bucky and Captain America. They helped them in the mission to defeat Arnim Zola and his creations. Time slips created problems on the trip causing Captain America and Bucky to forget who they were and hence attacked them. The time- slips were created by Weasel’s efforts to return them to the present. Eventually, Fantastic Four helped them to return at present.

Deadpool went on few missions for Dr. Strange, repairing the mystical hole he created in T-Ray’s head by stabbing other mystical creatures with the same sword. To complete the act of sealing the rift, Deadpool reluctantly found T-ray’s soul and brought him back to life with the help of Brother Voodoo along the way. T-Ray and Deadpool both realized that they needed each other.

Secret Invasion

Not too long after the Civil War, Deadpool ran into the villain Madcap who he met back while with Heroes for Hire. A failed attempt to drive Deadpool insane led to a fight with Daredevil and Thor. Thor electrocuted Madcap and Deadpool into dust. The remains ended up combining and when the pair regenerated Madcap was absorbed into Deadpool. Madcap went on to live inside Wade’s mind and was manifested as Deadpool’s inner voice shown in the white boxes. [ CAPTION: Deadpool and Madcap getting merged ][ SOURCE: Comic Extra ]

When the Skrull invasion began, Wade was held captive and he would train the Skrulls to be more unpredictable. Deadpool escaped when the Skrulls turned on one another and transmitted stolen intel files to Nick Fury; which was Deadpool’s real plan.

The files were intercepted by Norman Osborn who led the H.A.M.M.E.R and Avengers. Wilson was left unpaid as the files did not reach Fury. After months of unemployment, Colonel Zeke hired him to kill Doctor Druek Lovosno, who had kidnapped Zeke’s wife.

Deadpool found that Dr. Lovosno had found a way to preserve youth and beauty indefinitely but to do so one had to devour human flesh. Wade was captured to be a renewable source of food for young zombies but since he tasted terrible, he was released after promising them the alternative of Zeke and his mercenaries. He blew up the castle they were in during the firefight.

Dark Reign

Deadpool had no money left after his third job was left unpaid in a row. So, Deadpool resorted to stealing from a freighter bound for America which was sunk by Tiger Shark at Mid-Atlanta. Deadpool awoke on a beach in Mexico with a missing arm and tattered costume. Deadpool planned to kill Tiger however, Tiger Shark found him first. Deadpool was then saved by Bob. However, Bob later revealed that he was sent to kill Deadpool as well. Deadpool defeated Tiger Shark and learned that Norman Osborn employed him.

Deadpool went back to New York with the idea that Osborn had to pay him for the intel he provided. With the help of Taskmaster, Deadpool broke into the Avenger’s Tower and fought against the Thunderbolts except for Black Widow with whom he started to fall for. Deadpool almost had Osborn but Black Widow shot him through the heart and Headsman to cut off his head. [ CAPTION: Deadpool and Black Widow ][ SOURCE: Comic Newbies ]

After recovering, Deadpool thanked Taskmaster for help and paid him via ATM using Osborn’s wallet. Deadpool thought that Black Widow put his head together since Taskmaster claimed he did not do it. He later popped up behind Osborn during a national TV appearance holding a sign that said: “Respawn lol”. [ CAPTION: Deadpool Photo bombing Osborn ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Wade posted his services on Craiglist for work and he was hired to kill a pizza boy for making fun of a girl in childhood. Wade shot the pizza boy and stole the homeowner’s possessions in the house that he had broken into to order the pizza. While watching the TV he saw a news story that denounced Deadpool as a traitor for joining the Skrulls.

He was then greeted by Hawkeye (really Bullseye) who shot Deadpool in the head with an arrow. Bullseye planned to grind Deadpool so that he could not regenerate and was surprised when Deadpool attacked him. Deadpool went on to win the game and Bullseye paid him to never tell anyone else.

Deadpool in X-Men

Wade used his newfound riches to buy a pirate boat and became a pirate for short amount of time. However, he later decided to become a hero. He went to Utopia and became X-Man but they quickly rejected him. Since they couldn’t just let him go, they pretended to bring him on a probationary membership under the watch of Domino. [ CAPTION: Deadpool in X-Men Costume ][ SOURCE: Neotarama ]

Deadpool tried to impress X-Men by killing Mark Kincaid, who had been claiming that X-Men had kidnapped his daughter and kept her against her will which was a part of Osborn’s plot to weaken X-Men. As Osborn’s plan was failing, he further tried to discredit the X-Men by killing Kincaid and blaming Deadpool who had falsely and publi