The Hollander legend, Tony Beets, who came to fame through his gold finding skills and twisted language, has been married to his wife, Minnie Beets, also popular alongside Tony, for a very long time now. 


Today, we are going to talk about the love life of the gold diggers, Toney and Minnie. We will reveal how they met, and how it all started. Also, we will let you know about their children. So, let’s jump right in! 

Tony Beets and Minnie Beets: Married Life

The couple, Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, met for the first time when they were seven and six years’ old. Minnie was only six and living in her village in Holland when the family of seven years’ old Tony moved in. 

CAPTION: Tony Beets with his wife Minnie Beets
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They became friends and in a matter of time, they started dating. It is reported that Minnie was 20 when they officially became a couple. Just a few years after, Tony and Minnie got married. According to some sources, it was heard that they tied the knot in 1984

CAPTION: Tony Beets with his wife Minnie Beets
SOURCE: Famous Fix

After marriage, the couple moved to Canada together and started working in various fields. Tony used to work as a machine operator in Canada before getting a huge name as one of the biggest miners in the Klondike.

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While Tony was working as an operator, Minnie was working in healthcare, retail, and in a hamburger joint. When the couple started their gold rush, Mr. Beets always did what he wanted, except for the times when Mrs. Beets said otherwise. Hence, this shows the love between Tony and Minnie.

Tony Beets and Minnie Beets: Children

In more than 2 decades of their marriage, Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, have given birth to a total of four children. The couple has two sons and two daughters. Their two sons are Kevin Beets and Mike Beets and their two daughters are Monica Beets and Bianca Beets

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Their son, Kevin Beets is currently working together with his father at the Paradise Hill. He had been working since he was 13 years’ old. Later, Mike Beets, their second child, also joined the Beets family at the Paradise Hill.

Furthermore, he is also a medieval recreationist. Since season 6, he has become the supervisor of the Paradise Hill. Monica Beets, their third child, is also in the same crew and is in a relationship but hasn’t revealed. 

CAPTION: Tony Beets with his wife Minnie Beets
SOURCE: Instagram

Well, all of these things show the true love of Beets family, as Tony and Minnie’s Beets have been able to keep their children all in one place.