The Instagram model and an entrepreneur, Bernice Burgos, who is currently dating her boyfriend, Quavo, had added a lot to her total net worth through her career in social media, business, and her modeling career. 


Today, we are going to talk about the total earnings of the businesswoman, Bernice Burgos. With no married life to talk about and no extra affairs kept from Quavious Keyate Marshall well known as Quavo, Burgos’ personal life is going on a so-so roll.

But, what about her professional life? Keep on scrolling to get to know all about her earnings, salary, and sources of income. 

Bernice Burgos’s Total Net Worth

The Instagram star, Bernice Burgos has an estimated total net worth of around $1.1 million as per the reports of some tabloid source. The 38 years’ old soon-to-be grandma, earned her worth from her appearance in music videos and modeling career.

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

If we start from the beginning of her career, then she started out from being a waitress and a bartender. According to the salary stats, a bartender earns around $20 to $30 thousand per year. So she might have earned something of the same.

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos bartending ][ SOURCE: Vlad TV ]

Apart from that, she has also appeared in several music videos such as Work Out, Ain’t Leaving Without You, and also starred in MTV’s Wind ‘n’ Out. Besides, she has also worked as a cover model for some magazines. For your information, a model earns more than $5 thousand on a monthly basis. 

Bernice Burgos’ Clothing Line

The current girlfriend of Quavo, Bernice Burgos also earned her worth from the clothing line she owns. The name of her business is Bold and Beautiful and deals with the whole range of women sleepwear. 

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos’ clothing line ][ SOURCE: Bold and Beautiful ]

Bernice has earned a lot from her sleepwear business as she runs it with her daughter, Ashley Burgos. Her clothing line starts with the pricing of around $30 and goes up to a maximum of $55. Currently, her clothing line has a total of 15 sleepwear with 5 new arrivals at $53.99. 

Bernice Burgos Lifestyle

The way of life of Bernice Burgos is really sleek as she earns her cash from the ads she does on her Instagram account. She looks as if she is a lover of cars as she is seen taking photos with so many cars. It might be her modeling job but, who knows!

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos modeling ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]
[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos modeling ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos modeling ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

One of the above photos also shows her wearing smooth white jeans. Well, this probably can mean that it’s an ad for the Fashion Nova clothing line. Apart from that, she also involves in many other Instagram sponsorship ads, look at this ad of a hair oil. 

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos’ sponsored ads ]

[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Apart from that, Bernice is also an Apple brand lover as she uses the latest Apple iPhone. It is reported that for an ad in the Instagram, it costs around $300 or more. So, she should have earned a lot from her sponsored ads, shouldn’t she?

[ CAPTION: Bernice Burgos’ iPhone Selfie ]

[ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Well, this is all we can say about the hot model, Bernice Burgos. Let’s hope she earns more in the coming days.