Soon to dubbed HRH (Her Royal Highness) and titled as Princess, the American actress, and humanitarian, Meghan Markle is currently the envy of every common girl in the world. After all who doesn’t dream to be hauled up out of their mundane life and made a princess after a vow?


But being admitted in the royal household of Great Britain has its own tumultuous trouble and sacrifices, there are several strict sets of rules ones need to follow that ranges from how-to-eat to how-to-sit yourselves and it turns out that having an active acting career is against one of them.

Meghan Markle quits the TV drama Suits

The news that Prince Henry of Wales, who is in the sixth line of succession to the throne, to the American actress and a divorcee Megan Markle raised several eyebrows. After all who can forget the abdication of King Edward the VII after his marriage to the American socialite and divorcee Wallis Simpson? Plus, people don’t like to speak about it, but her being of mixed black ethnicity is also a major concern for some conservatives.  

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But now, rules have changed, society has changed and Megan Markle is being welcomed with a sumptuous exhilaration that lacked in when Wallis Simpson was announced by the then reluctant King.

Among the sacrifices that Markle has to make along with not holding hands with her lover, leaving her American nationality and being baptized to the Church of England, quitting her role in the TV series Suits is one among the many in the on-going list.

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Today Megan Markle said goodbye to her role of Rachel Crane in the USA network’s Suits. The finale of the seventh season was marked by her character being married to her love interest, Mike. But be assured, Megan’s royal wedding is going to be much more opulent and posh than in the drama. The finale was accurately named ‘Good-bye’, we are sure that Markel received farewell suiting the stature of a Princess.

Megan has already quit her all Social Medias and her tweets now come from the official twitter page of the Kensington Palace. The page also represents The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who recently gave birth to a son.

Meghan Markle’s Wedding Plans

The Royal Family is known for their secrecy, and their status of taciturn is remarked as for how the Windsor’s are one of the last standing Monarchy in the democratic world. Not much information is ousted regarding the royal wedding. But what we know is that the event is scheduled for May 19th, 2018. And the ceremony is going to be held at the chapel of the biggest royal palace, the Windsor Castle; St George’s Chapel.

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The engagement ring that Meghan wears is stubbed with a large diamond from Botswana which resides in the middle of two smaller diamonds from late Princess Diana’s jewelry.

There are various rumors flying about for who is designing her dress. Israeli designer Inbal Dror, Ralph Russo, Erdem, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham are the list of rumored designers.

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As per the ceremony, it’s going to be as traditional as it can get. The Royal Family believes to execute services in traditional methods.

The Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra, who is a good friend to Markle, was rumored to be a bridesmaid but she has now confirmed that she was not asked to do so and will not be taking an active part in the wedding. She said that she was “extremely happy for Meghan”.

Meghan Markle’s past relationship

Meghan was married to actor-producer, Trevor Engelson on September 10th, 2011. The couple had been dating since 2014, but just after 2 years of their marital life, the couple announced their divorce in 2013 August.  

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In 2016 Megan was repeatedly seen with Prince Harry and in September 2017 she publicly proclaimed her love for Prince Harry. The royal couple made their first official appearance together at the Invictus Games in September 2017.

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