Georgory Stanley Forbes, often known as Dr. Gregory S. Frobes is a famous name in the field of weather and meteorology. Forbes has gained name and fame as the weather channel’s current severe weather expert and has been conducting research of severe convective storms and tornadoes. Specialized in tornadoes and storms, Dr. Forbes has been working in the field for more almost forty years.


Greg Forbes was born on August 22, 1950, in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He was raised in his hometown and completed his high school education from local high school. Having an interest in weather, he decided to become a meteorologist when the teacher taught a module on weather when he was in grade 7. Following his dream to become a meteorologist, he joined Pennsylvania State University and earned his B.S. degree in meteorology. Later he joined the University of Chicago to study tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. He earned M.S. degree and Ph. D. from the University of Chicago. Dr. Forbes worked under the well-known tornado scientist Ted Fujita who did research regarding the 1974 Super Outbreak.

Dr. Forbes has experience of working as a field manager for the Project NIMROD, the first program to study catastrophic thunderstorm winds from downbursts and microburst. In 1978, Dr. Forbes joined the Department of Meteorology at Penn state University where he taught various courses such as weather analysis and forecasting, natural disasters and other topics. Dr. Forbes has been involving in numerous field research programs all around the country. After serving Penn State University for several years, he moved to Weather Channel in June 1999. He has a variety of experience outside the studios and classrooms. Sometimes he can be found surveying damage paths left by tornadoes. He has observed Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Paka very closely.

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Dr. Frobes was fascinated by the extreme weather for his early days. He used to observe such extreme weather very interestingly in his childhood days in his hometown Latrobe. While asking about his favorite season, he loves Spring. When asked about the favorite part of his job, Dr. Fobres said that the chances to save lives by telling people about catastrophic Storms and tornadoes are best part of his job. He considers Zip-Linning, paraplanning, parasailing, ridden a Segway, flown in a glider and panned for gold as his secret talent. Dr, Forbes finds it interesting that there are so many interesting weather phenomena and subtle variations from one to another.


Digging Dr. Frobes' personal life, there is not much more information on his married life and relationship. But with his age, we can say that he must be the grandfather of several grandchildren. In 2014 May, he was diagnosed with colon cancer which was announced by TWC president David Clark on facebook. But good thing was that his cancer is treatable and had not spread. In December 2014, Forbes stated in his facebook that he has recovered from cancer, they found no traces of cancer in his body. Dr. Frobes is active on all social networking platforms such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram.