Jed Drake is such a name in the sports broadcasting field, who has been using sophisticated tools to cover various sports events, which reach viewers around the world. If we watch FIFA World Cup live on Television then we must know about the man behind who has been working dedicatedly to make it reach to the viewers. Throughout his 30-year career, Drake has updated himself with many hi-tech innovations in the broadcasting field. Drake currently serves ESPN media as a senior vice president and executive producer.


While searching his early, there is not much information about where he was born and how did he spend his childhood days. But from his personality, we can say that Drake has sharp mind since his childhood days and he is quite a serious guy. Jed Drake completed his high school education from one of the well-known schools of his home town. After completing his high school education he realized his passion for broadcasting and joined Boston University in 1978. From Boston, he earned a bachelor of science degree in broadcasting/film.


At the starting of his career, Jed Drake worked at WPTZ-TV as a sports anchor. He was assigned to the coverage of the 1980 winter Olympic games. He also has experience of working for NBC Sports on the Baseball Game of the Week as a freelance production assistant and has been serving ESPN since then in various positions in the production department. Drake started his career at ESPN in 1980 when he joined ESPN as producer/director. Drake worked for ESPN’s production of 1987 staying in Australia for six months. He has worked on production part of ever sport that ESPN has broadcasted. During America’s Cup coverage in 1988,1992 and 1995, Drake worked on their production for ESPN. Drake played a vital role to make ESPN successful in major league Basketball production in 1990.

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In 2000, Jed Drake became senior vice president & executive producer for ESPN and added more responsibilities. He looked after all of ESPN on ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2. In December 2008, he began to look after ESPN Regional Television event Productions. During his tenure at ESPN, Drake took charge of one of ESPN’s most challenging events- FIFA World Cup from South Africa. Drake put his all efforts and time in overseeing the production that won more than 45 industry awards.

For his hard work and time, Jed Drake has been awarded Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Sports series in 2004, Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding/Tease in 2007 and Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Event Tournament Award in 2006. Similarly, he has also been awarded The George Wensel Technical Achievement Award. Drake has also received nominations for various sports awards.


Moving to his personal life, Jed Drake kept it all secret from media. There is no any information about his married life, relationships and past affairs. He must have been married and might have children and grandchildren. After 30 years of long broadcasting career, Drake is at the verge of retirement. To get more updates on him he can be followed on Twitter.