Elisa Donovan with the birth name Lisa Adaine Donovan has made her identity as an actress, writer, and producer. Born on February 3, 1971, she belongs to American Nationality. She is reckoned for her role as the character Amber in the film clueless, where she starred opposite Alicia Silverstone. She replaced Silverstone's role for the 1996-99 TV series . With her pretty smile and attractive body, Donovan has been able to gain prestigious position in Hollywood.


Talking about her early life, Elisa was born in Poughkeepsie, New York as a daughter to Charlotte and Jack Donovan. Her father was a business executive. Elisa changed her name while joining the stage union because there was already an actor with the name Elisa Donovan. Elisa was raised in Long Island where she was trained gymnastic, dance, and equestrian. She joined The New York School at the age of 12 and studied there Writing, literature, and acting. In 1994, she moved to Los Angeles and played the role of Tanya on Blossom which was her first sitcom role.

Donovan’s got her breakthrough only in 1995. In film Clueless her role as Amber was well appreciated and it helped her to uplift her career in film. Later on, she also appeared on a role in a Television series with the same name. Her other notable works include the film A Night at the Roxbury, Beverly Hills, 90210, where she appeared in the role of Ginger LaMonica. She also acted as Morgan Cavanaugh on the television comedy Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Similarly, Donovan has made her presence in my tight budget Hollywood movies from where she gained more fans throughout the world. Her films include Complacent, The Dog Who Saved Christmas, and A Golden Christmas. She also appeared in the film The Dog Who Saved the Holidays, sequel of The Dog Who Saved Christmas. Additionally, she played the role of insurance agent Gale for the web series In Gayle We Trust which was broadcasted on NBC.com.In 2006, Donovan appeared as a guest actor on “Dead and Unburied”, NCIS episode.

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Donovan is considered as a human with a pretty heart and pretty face. Her down to earth behavior has impressed many people. Donovan has maintained her body well and has a height of 5’6’’. She has been a source of inspiration for many who have been seeking a career in Hollywood. Her hardworking and dedicated personality has proved that dream is not so far when you work hard.


Moving to her personal life, Donovan seems successful in maintaining her both professional and personal life. Donovan is married to her husband Charlie Bigelow since 2012. Donovan remains silence about whether she had been in relationship and affairs with another man before getting married to her husband. Till now her relationship with her is going strong and its leaves chances of divorce to occur to the lowest level. The couple has a daughter named Scarlett Bigelow. She has huge fan followings in social networking site such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Donovan has been paid well for her hard work. She has net worth of $4 million