Eric D. Hill Jr. is an American actor, well known for playing R.J. in the Netflix series, “Orange is the New Black”. Most recent he also appeared as Sergio Taylor, in “Brotherly Love”.

Early Life & Education

Eric was born on October 4, 1991, in New York. He has a half-sister named Erica, was raised by his father on Long Island. He was raised by his mother in the Bronx. His parents have a great relationship and worked hard to keep him on the right path so he definitely felt loved. Eric’s  mother is his biggest supporter. His mother did whatever she could to help him pursue his interests.

A throwback of Young Eric D. Hill Jr.
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He revealed, ” I think that’s why I love my neighborhood so much. I was very involved at with community activities. At age 14, Hill’s mother sends him to live with his father. He went to the private college preparatory school. At age 16, Hill tells his mother he wants to be a model. A week later his mother gets an acting and model workshop and acting workshop met for eight weeks at a hotel.

The workshop provided Hill just sufficient knowledge and techniques to establish a booking agent to sign him at the workshop’s culminating showcase.“My mother is the reason I act.” Hill continues, “My mum is the type of person once she wants to get involved into something she goes to the learning annex or finds everything she can on google.”

Eric D. Hill Jr. wiki net worth bio Actor Eric D. Hill Jr. at his teen
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The victory of Hill’s acting career directly connects to the alert parental responsibility of his parents. Though grown in dual homes, the two parents struggled together to grow an understandable and well-cultured young man.


Hills acting career uncharacteristically accelerates. Unlike the typical tumultuous trajectory of acting careers, Hill gave an audition for the Video Music Awards a week after completing the workshop program. Three months later he books a supporting role on Law and Order in 2007. Then a couple months after, he books a Nike commercial. Eric D.

Then in 2009, he appeared in the sports drama film ” Hurricane Season” as Christian Wall. Tim Story served as a director. The screenplay was written by Robert Eisele. Raymond Brothers and Scott Glassgold served as a producer.

Hill Jr. attains inside the InterContinental Atlanta Buckhead hotel and stares into a large window watching the rain fall into the urban forest of trees. Hill plans to a busy day of media interviews and college screenings of his new film, Brotherly Love in 2015.

Brotherly Love

In Brotherly Love, Hill plays Sergio Taylor, a rising high school basketball player dealing with the new pressures of fame. The intricate love story deals with the Taylor family residing in the violent climate of Philadelphia, and securing the right decisions does not come easy for the family. He had a minor role in an episode of the first season of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama “The Night Of”.

Personal Life & Net Worth

The 5 feet 11 inches, actor, Hill goes to his friend Pat’s house and hangs with him in his spare time. He works from home so he always knows he is available. There, he just talks to him if he’s free, or watch ESPN. He earns his salary from his acting career which adds up his current net worth of $650 thousand.