Quick Facts Eric Koston

  • NameEric Koston
  • Birth NameEric Koston
  • FatherBob Koston
  • NationalityAmerican, Thai
  • Birth PlaceBangkok, Thailand
  • ProfessionProfessional Skateboarde
  • Net Worth$15 Million
  • MarriedYes
  • Married toAshlee Koston
  • Children June Marie Koston, Fynn Koston
  • SiblingsChris Koston
  • MotherWanida Koston

Eric Koston is an American professional skateboarder and company owner who featured in the Tony Hawk’s video game series. Furthermore, he also featured in the Electronic Arts (EA) video games Skate 2 and Skate 3.

Along with Guy Mariano, Koston co-owns Fourstar Clothing and the skatepark/website “The Berrics” with professional skateboarder Steve Berra. He is married to Ashlee Koston and the couple has two children, daughters June Marie Koston and Fynn Koston from their relationship. 

What Is The Net worth Of Eric Koston In 2019? Salary, Income

Eric Koston earns a colossal sum of money from his professional career as a skateboarder. Yet, he has competed in a number of championships and has won several of them. By winning the championships, Koston definitely earned good sum as prize money. 

The estimated net worth of Koston as of 2019 is estimated to be $15 million. Moreover, he is also the owner of Tony Hawk’s video game series. Likewise, Kosto co-owns Fourstar Clothing as well as the skatepark/website “The Berrics.”

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From his clothing lines and the website, Koston earns a colossal revenue. Similarly, he also features in several events through which he adds the extra sum to his total income. Currently, Koston is living a lavish life with his wife and daughter. 

Who Is The Wife Of Eric Koston? Relationships, Married life, Children, Affairs

Eric Koston has gained success in his professional as well as personal life. Koston is a happily married man. He is married to Ashlee Koston and the couple shares two children, daughters June Marie Koston and Fynn Koston from their marital relationship. 

CAPTION: Eric Koston and his wife Ashlee Koston

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Koston and his wife Ashlee tied the knot in 2007 however their actual wedding location is still not known. Their daughter June was born after two years of their wedding on 4th May 2009. Likewise, their second child, Fynn was born on 26th June 2011. As of now, Koston is living a blissful life with his family.

CAPTION: Eric Koston with his wife and kids

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Both the couple is supportive of each other and care for each other. To date, there are no issues that could ruin their happy married life. Other than this, there are no records of Koston’s past relationships. 

When Was Eric Koston Born? Early Life And Education

Eric Koston was born on 29th April 1975, in Bangkok, Thailand. As a coincidence, another fellow professional skateboarder like Alphonzo Rawls was also born in the same hospital. He was raised in San Bernardino, California, United States.

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Koston moved to the US when he was 9 months old. His parents are father Bob Koston and mother Wanida Koston. They met each other when Bob was in the airforce. His mother was from Thailand. They both divorced when Koston was 5 years old. His first skateboard was gifted to him by his brother Chris Koston. He began skating in 1986. His nickname is Frosty and Froston.

Koston once mentioned;

“The progression of skateboarding seems to be getting more technical with a flip into a slide then a flip back out as well as going down bigger rails and down more stairs. I like to do all that stuff, especially when it feels good. I don’t stick myself into one type of style, I would get bored with that.”

Eric Koston Skateboarding Career

Eric Koston was first sponsored by H-Street Company which was co-founded by Tony Magnusson and Mike Ternasky. The company also included Danny Way and Matt Hensley. He joined Girl team and was in the videos like Goldfish, Mouse, Yeah Right and Pretty Sweet.

YouTube: Eric Koston – Aggressive Session 2016

Koston was a leader for eS brand and Eric Koston eS Game too was held over a number of years. He went to his birthplace Bangkok when he shot the eS video Menikmati. Koston then joined Lakai roster in 2006. Eric filmed a part for 2007 Lakai video Fully Flared. He then was promoted by Nike Sb immediately with a signature shoe “Eric Koston1” model and also held a contest which was entitled as Mr. Control It All.

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Nike launched a promotional campaign which was identified as #thelegendgrows to release Koston’s second signature shoe model “Eric Koston 2”. Koston used his second Eric Koston 2 for limited edition golf shoe and named it “Koston 2 IT” and also the corresponding launch was held at 1948 Stadium store in Shoreditch.

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Eric was also sponsored for Oakley sunglasses brand where he completed Fear and Loathing in Australia video project which was filmed in 2013. Celebrities like Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler and Curren Caples appeared in a video with Koston which was published on 5th June 2013. He was sponsored by different companies like Girl, Nike SB, Independent Truck Company, Spitfire Wheels, Fourstar, Diamond, Supreme, The Berrics, Oakley, Jessup, and Skullcandy.

Eric Koston As An Entrepreneur

Eric Koston co-founded a clothing brand with his professional skateboarder friend Mariano in 1996. Koston was a part of a Fourstar sponsors team of thirteen skateboarders who released their four videos in July 2013.

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Koston is also the part of Lakai Shoe Brand. He also owned The Berrics with Steven Berra which is a website that contents filmed in the skatepark and other skateboard related stuff. He is also known as Michael Jordan of Skateboarding by his teammates and also by professional skateboarder Brandon Biebel.

Eric Koston Achievements and Personal Facts

In 1996 Eric Koston won Summer X Games 1 as he came first. In the second season of Summer X Games2, he became third. Rest in 2000-2001 Koston won all the seasons of Summer X Games 5, Summer X Games 6″ park”, Summer X Games 6″ street” and Summer X Games 6″ best trick”.

In 2000 Eric e won Globe World Contest, X Games and Gravity Games. He also won TransWorld Skateboarding Best Video part for his segment in eS Mikati in 2001. In 2002 Koston won a gold medal in Gravity Games Street.

Furthermore, Koston also won gold in the 2003 X Games Street competition. Moreover, in 2005 he came first in all the competition. Koston became 5th in X Games 12 “street”.