An American news personality and former attorney, Kimberly Guilfoyle is one of the co-hosts of The Five on Fox News. Kimberly rose to fame after she was served as an occasional guest host and contributor for On The Record with Brit Hume.


After Kimberly’s two times failed marriage relationship and her success in her career, fans are very much curious to know about her. So are you all ready to know more about Kimberly’s married life as well as her net worth? If yes then just stick with us.

Five Facts You Need To Know About Kimberly Guilfoyle

Kimberly Guilfoyle was born on 8th Jan 2004, in San Francisco. Her mother died when she was just 10 years old due to leukemia. In early 2003, she joined Fox News Channel as a host of The Weekend show. Before maintaining her career in the television media, she was active in the legal sector.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle- Estimated Net Worth of $5 Million

Kimberly has an estimated net worth of $5 million who completed her B.A at the University of California, Davis and her J.D from the University of San Francisco.

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Most of the news personality is seen less in the social sites but to know more about Kimberly, her social networking site is enough because she posted many pictures through which we can know what she is doing at present.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle wrote the Best Selling Book in 2015

A book written by Kimberly Guilfoyle- Making the Case, landed in Nielsen BookScan‘s best-seller list in May 2015. The book described how she was inspired by her father to be not only the best but the better one after her mother’s death from Leukemia.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle is rumored to be in a relationship with Anthony Scaramucci

The former White House communication director, Anthony Scsrsmucci, and Kimberly are more than just friends. After Anthony’s wife filed for divorce, the two are seen coy about their relationship but they are denying that there is nothing more than friendship between them.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Ex-Husband Eric Villency and Gavin Newsom

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Gavin were married from 2006 to 2009. They are blessed with a son, Ronan Anthony and according to the reports, the couple split in 2009 and agreed to share custody of Ronan.

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Gavin Newsom is an American politician and former mayor of San Francisco elected in 2003 was Kimberly’s first husband but they got divorced in 2006.

Kimberly Guilfoyle- The Blonde and Attractive TV Personality was a former Victoria’s Secret model

A glamorous TV personality, Kimberly is one of the blonde and attractive beauties of Fox News. Los Angeles born Kimberly is a legal analyst and is working for the Fox News Channel.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle was a former Victoria’s Secret model. Kimberly started modeling while she was studying law at the University of San Francisco in 1994. She used the modeling work to pay her way through law school.

So they are five facts about Kimberly Guilfoyle. We hope you enjoyed reading this.