Jessica Kylie is a model and actress but she is more popular as an Instagram model. Kylie got her nickname Miss Rabbit simply because she got a butt like a rabbit.


Do you know how tall is she? Around 6 ft? You would be shocked. Kylie is actually 5 ft tall. Despite her height, Kylie has managed to establish herself as a successful model. So who is Jessica Kylie dating?

Jessica Kylie Started Dating in Her High School

As far as sources confirm, Jessica Kylie had a boyfriend in high school and even has a baby with him. But who the model is dating at present is unknown? So, she has successfully managed to keep her personal affairs under the wraps until now.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Kylie ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

According to several sources, she is currently single which is kind of hard to believe given her number of admirers and followers. Her fans call her the next Pamela Anderson. They are not wrong at all. Here’s a video.

Jessica has gathered herself more than 2 million followers, which is more than many famous celebrities in Hollywood are able to make.

In addition, she is followed by 51.5 k people on Twitter. So no doubt she is very well known in social media. So why is the 32-year-old model not dating anyone? We know she had a boyfriend but they are not in a relationship anymore, after he got arrested.

Jessica herself said,

People often mistake her to be conceited, but once they get to know her, they find her to be cool and down to earth. 

Okay from this what we can gather is that Jessica is waiting for her perfect down to earth man, like her down? Or she is playing hard to get as one of her Instagram posts read: A girl should be like a butterfly. Pretty to see, Hard to catch.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Kylie with her friends ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

She probably might not interested in men at all? Who knows? Let’s wait what she has to say?

The most logical answer seems to be the Houston born model as she told wanted to focus on her career right now.

She was also featured as a swimwear model for Kandi Kinis. In addition, she has also been a cover model for several magazines.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Kylie ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Quest Magazine, Juice, Smooth Magazine, Urban Ink, Regime, and Pressure are some of the magazines. She moreover was able to land on an international cover as well.

[ CAPTION: Jessica Kylie ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Jessica Kylie was also seen recently in DreamsVille series drama.