Fan Bingbing Biography

( 1981 - )
November 16, 2017
Fan Bingbing Biography

Facts of Fan Bingbing Biography

Date of Birth: 1981 September 16
Age:36 years old
Birth Nation: China
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inch

Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress, television producer as well as a pop singer. She has starred in popular movies like Buddha Mountain (2011), Double Xposure (2012), Lost in Beijing (2007) etc.

Likewise, Bingbing has also appeared on French movie Stretch (2011), Korean movie My Way (2011) as well as in the Hollywood blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). Besides this, she has also won several awards like Golden Horse Film Awards, Golden Screen Awards etc. Bingbing is currently dating Li Chen. 

Fan Bingbing Early life and Education

Fan Bingbing was born on September 16, 1981, in Qingdao, China. She is the daughter of Zhang Chuanmei and Fan Tao. Bingbing grew up along with her sibling brother Chengcheng Fan. Although Bingbing was born in Qingdao, she was raised in Yantai.

She used to participate in different singing competitions and dramas during her school days. Bingbing completed her graduation from the Shanghai Xie Jin Film and Television Art College and Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Fan Bingbing Career

During her school days, Fan Bingbing used to participated in singing competitions and dramas conducted by the school. Her parents also wanted her to pursue her career in singing.

But along with singing, Bingbing continued her acting career. In 1996, she made her acting debut through the drama Powerful Woman. Likewise, Bingbing made her first movie debut through the movie Reunion in 2001. After that, Bingbing appeared in several movies and television series including

Television series

  • Fall in Love at First Sight-2002
  • The Lion Roars-2002
  • Cell Phone-2003
  • The Twins Effect II-2004
  • A Chinese Tall Story-2005
  • A Battle of Wits-2006
  • The Matrimony-2007
  • Call for Love-2007
  • Lost in Beijing-2007
  • Flash Point-2007
  • Kung Fu Hip-Hop-2008
  • Desires of the Heart-2008
  • Sophie's Revenge-2009
  • Bodyguards and Assassins-2009
  • Future X-Cops-2010
  • Sacrifice-2010
  • Buddha Mountain-2011
  • My Way-2011
  • Lost in Thailand-2012
  • One Night Surprise-2013
  • Iron Man 3-2013
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past-2014
  • The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom-2014
  • Lady of the Dynasty-2015
  • The Peanuts Movie-2015
  • League of Gods-2016
  • L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties-2016

In 2017, Fan Bingbing starred in the movies such as Despicable Me 3 and Sky Hunter.

Twitter: Sky Hunter

However, in 2018, she will be appearing in the movies like The King's Daughter, The Lady in the Portrait, The Bombing and White Sparrow.

Television Series

  • Master Ma-1998
  • My Fair Princess-1998
  • My Fair Princess II-1999
  • Legend of Dagger Li-1999
  • Storm in Zhongguan Village-2001
  • Floating in Chaos-2001
  • The Great Qing Empire-2002
  • Young Justice Bao II-2002
  • Flying Dragon - the Special Unit-2003
  • Famous Catcher in Kanto-2003
  • Red Poppies-2004
  • No. 4 Female Prison-2004
  • Soaring Ambition Justice Bao-2005
  • The Proud Twins-2005
  • The Legend and the Hero-2006
  • Qin Shi Huang-2006
  • War and Destiny-2007
  • The Legend and the Hero-2007
  • Rouge Snow-2008
  • An Angel Will Love You for Me-2008
  • Human Love-2009
  • The Empress of China-2014

Youtube: The Empress Of China

However, in 2018, she will be appearing in the movie Win the World. Furthermore, she is also a singer. Some of her hit songs are listed below

  • Floating in Chaos-2000
  • Happiness for Thousand Years-2002
  • Long Summer-2003
  • Flowers Blossom, At Ease-2004
  • Beyond Love-2007
  • Rouge-2007
  • Dare to Fly-2008
  • Love Ends, People Part Ways-2009
  • I Thought-2009
  • Farewell-2011
  • One Night Surprise-2013

Youtube: One Night Surprise

Throughout her career, Bingbing has won as well as been nominated for several awards including:

  • 25th Hundred Flowers Awards-2002 nominated
  • 10th Huabiao Awards-2004 nominated
  • Hundred Flowers Awards-2004 winner
  • 12th Golden Bauhinia Awards[-2004 nominated
  • 44th Golden Horse Film Awards-2007 winner
  • 4th Eurasia International Film Festival-2007 winner
  • 3rd Huading Awards-2010 nominated
  • 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival-2011 winner
  • 18th Beijing College Student Film Festival-2011 winner
  • 9th Huading Awards-2012 winner
  • 1st China Film International Festival Londo-2013 winner
  • 15th Huading Awards-2015 nominated
  • 1st Berlin Chinese Film Festival-2016 winner
  • 1st Golden Screen Awards-2016 winner
  • 64th San Sebastián International Film Festival-2016 winner
  • 11th Asian Film Awards-2017 winner
  • 8th China Film Director's Guild Awards-2017 winner
  • 31st Golden Rooster Award-2017 winner

Instagram: Fan Bingbing receiving award

Fan Bingbing personal life

36 years old multitalented actress, as well as singer Fan Bingbing, is able to collect huge fans for her outstanding acting skills and impressive looks. Regarding her personal life, Bingbing is in a relationship with an actor Li Chen. On 29 May 2015, they were announced to be dating on the social media of Li Chen.

Well, this couple engaged on 16 September 2017 after Fan Bingbing proposed Li Chen on her birthday. However, they haven't mentioned anything about getting married. Besides this, there are no any rumors of their separation. Moreover, there are no any records of her past relationships. 

Fan Bingbing Net worth

Multi-award winner Fan Bingbing earns a decent amount of money from her acting career. She also adds money from her singing career. Till the date, Bingbing has appeared in several movies and television series. As of 2017, her estimated net worth is $75 million.

November 16, 2017 by ishwor

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