Well, all of you know that Child celebrity Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’, son of an American Singer, Songwriter, actor, record producer and film producer, Donnie Wahlberg lives in the heart of millions of girls all over the world.


As, the Child celebrity, Xavier fans are wondering to know about his Net worth and his relationship status. So, if this topic fancies you, keep scrolling to know about his Net worth.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s Net worth

Well, the Child Celebrity Xavier was born in the rich family as a celebrity child. As wondering to his family, they all have a huge Net Worth which is counted in millions. As, his father, Donnie Wahlberg‘s estimated Net worth is $20 million, his mother Jenny McCarthy Net worth is about $15 million. 

Xavier brother, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg Net worth is more than $1 million, hence Xavier surely has net-worth around a million or two.

[ CAPTION: Donnie Walhberg ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Well, Donnie is pettily interested in cars and houses. Though he has bought a house in Los Angeles for $2.5 million which contain a swimming pool and a parking lot and also he has bought a Luxurious car for $96,000.

[ CAPTION: Donnie Walhberg ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

It always is easier for someone from the family line of an actor to join the same field but so far it looks as if Xavier is not planning for his debut but is busy with studies. And it surely will be a challenge for him to get as famous as his dad and uncle. Now, let’s Scroll down to know about Xavier relationship Status.

But it’s up to him to choose his career path, so as fans all we can do is wish him all the luck. 

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s Relationship

There are some people who are in favor of successful career rather than the love life and he is among them. We can assume being focused on his career, he has no time to think about his love life.

[ CAPTION: Donnie Wahlberg ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

So we can say that he is more serious in a relationship with his father, mother and his brother rather than in finding a lover or maybe he is keeping his love life under wraps as well.