Sofia Vergara is not a new name in the long list of Colombian actress. She is also a television hostess and model. Besides this, she’s widely known for co-hosting television shows for Spanish language television network Univision in late 90′.


And here are some interesting things about Sofia Vergara which you didn’t know.

Five Interesting things about Sofia Vergara

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara was born to a Roman Catholic family. She was discovered by a photographer while walking on a Colombian beach and soon after, she was presented with many offers of television work and modeling.

She gained more popularity after playing Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family. So here are five interesting things related to Sofia.

Sofia Vergara-A teenage mother

Sofia got married at 18 to her high-school boyfriend- Joe Gonzalez. And she gave birth to her son- Manolo when she was 19th September 1992. Unfortunately, the high school boyfriend and girlfriend got divorced in 1993.

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Sofia Vergara was almost a dentist

After her divorce from Joe, she went on to study pre-dentist at a university in Colombia for 3 years. She was only 2 semesters away in order to complete dentistry. And became a television host.

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Sofia Vergara was named as the new faces of CoverGirl and has her own clothing line

During the year 2011, she was named as one of the new faces of CoverGirl. She is also featured in a series of ads with the fellow CoverGirl, Ellen Degeneres. Let’s watch this video:

Youtube: Ellen Degeneres and Sofia Vergara debut Covergirl;

Sofia has her own clothing line- The Sofia Vergara. And it is available at the retail outlet K-Mart. She said that she aimed to make her sexy and stunning look affordable with the retail line.

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Sofia Vergara love relation after her success in career

In 2003, Sofia was in a romantic relationship with singer Craig David. But their relationship didn’t last for long and they got a nasty break up after few months of their relationship.

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After Craig, she began dating Tom Cruise in 2005. When she met him at a party hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith she fell in love with him and they dated each other but as a sad note, their relationship didn’t last for long.

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She also dated Nicholas Loeb, who has expressed interest in running for a Florida Senate seat and is a businessman. They got engaged on 10th July 2012. But they broke up in May 2014.

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Sofia Vergara accent is real

Actress Sofia has admitted that she may be exaggerating her accent just a little bit while playing the role Gloria on Modern Family, and the voice that you hear from Vergara is truly her own. Let’s watch this video:

Youtube: Sofia talks about accent;

She stated that people are sometimes surprised to listen her speak with that type of think of an accent in public but it’s something that she has had for her whole life.

So these are some interesting facts about Sofia Vergara. We hope that you enjoy reading this.