Eating being a very important part of our life . people are always curious about eating. And as the number of food related diseases ,different food hazards are increasing everyday, I see a loads of people talking about healthy eating. Whenever I search for some recipes I find it written as healthy food recipes or some healthy bla bla bla. So, it seems like a lot of people are getting curious about healthy eating and been pracitising it.

 fruit juice , its been a inseparable part of our breakfast . But have you ever thought , Is it better than the whole fruit ? And I bet its been one of the most confusing questions for most of us. So lets see the real truth. Basically, a fruit juice is obtained by squeezing a whole fruit. So, there’s everything that the fruit had , all the vitamins , all the minerals , all the glucose,etc.But wait , there’s something missing in the fruit juice. Where’s the fruit skin and the fruit pulp? The fruit skin is the place where the sunlinght comes in contact with . So , it forms a varieties of pigments to absorb different wavelenghts of light. These pigments like flavenoids, caroteinoids have been found to be very healthy and necessary. A research suggests that eating a whole intact fruit with its skin can help protect from UV cancer. But unfortunately, we don’t get the fruit skin the fruit juice The fruit pulp is the large source of fibers and many other nutrients. For example, lets take a look at an orange . We all know that orange contains a lot of vitamin c. but the main thing we don’t know is the vitamin c is found in the pulp of an orange . Other than vitamin c, its pulp is loaded with flavonoids too.but again , unfortunately we don’t get to enjoy the pulp in a fruit juice.


Well, I ain’t saying that the fruit juice is completely unhealthy but it lacks a lot of healthy things. So , I would say if you are choosing fruit juice as a replacement for other drinks, go for it .But if you are replacing fruit juice over the whole fruit , its a bad idea.So, think again, are you still eating healthy?