With the development of the science and technology , we have seen a lot of changes in our lives. These developments and inventions have just made our life easier as well as lazier. Well, the microwave ovens is one of those inventions that just simplified our life and probably made most of us a lot lazier. But still, it’s a great invention though. Invented by percy spencer around the time of world war 2, it’s been a major part of controversy since then. Still some say, it’s hazardous and some say it’s not. Used widely in most of the households, is it really that dangerous??? After reading an article about the supposed helath hazards about the use of microwaves oven, I was really schoked.

So, here’s the supposed health hazards of using microwave ovens . So , let’s see if its true of just a hoax.

Myth 1:Microwave cooking decreases the nutrient value of food-source: www.medicaldaily.com

Truth: They have said that the molecular vibration during microwave cooking changes the molecular structure and destroys the nutrient value. But, the truth is that heat is produced when there is molecular vibration due to which friction occurs producing heat.It;s how the food gets hot and cooked. So , it doesn’t matter whether its a microwave or a fire. The truth is that Microwave cooking doesn’t decrease the nutrient value of food.

Myth 2:Microwave cooking destroys the vitamins and other factors in food -source : so called research

Truth: The truth is that cooking destroys vitamins but it’s not only that microwave cooking destroys it . Vitamins are destroyed whether you cook it on fire or microwave. As heating involves the process of molecular vibration and break down, different enzymes like lysosomes will be broken down too . It’s simple as that. We can’t blame microwave for it. So , if you want to preserve the vitamins and other enzymes just don’t heat it because heating will destroy it anyway, doesn’t really matter where you heated it.

Myth 3:Microwaves create carcinogens in food-source: www.foodbabe.com

Truth:Carcinogens are those things that causes cancers. But really, carcinogens???? according to the source, heating heating meat, dairy products, plastic , paper can create carcinogens. Okay, I agree with the first two , we eat them . But the other two, do we really eat them, the plastic and paper. The truth is heating food itself in microwave doesn’t produce carcinogens, but we shouldn’t heat it with its plastic cover on it and its better to heat food in a ceramic bowl or plate.

Myth 4:Microwaves expose us to radiation -source: www.foodbabe.com

Truth:According to the writer, he/she says I can’t use a microwave considering that they destroy my cells. I guess the writer doesn’t know that there’s radiation everywhere. Even the cellphone which is all time near us emits radiation. So, the truth is that microwave ovens might emit radiations but it doesn’t emit as large as a nuclear plant. But the emission is made very low so that it doesn’t affect the human health. By the way, there’s no proof that microwaves emit radiation.

Myth 5:Microwaves can create several health issues –          source: Dr. masaru emoto , writer of ” Hidden messages in water”

Truth:well, this one is the most funny reason I have ever found. In her book, she says that after heating the water in a microwave oven , it doesn’t form beautiful crystalls. She also says that the crystals appear as they are exposed to negative beliefs or thoughts. To be true, it made me laugh. Suppose I agree with her and believe that the crystals have different shape. But, to be different shape there must be some change in molecular structure and if there’s molecular change , it’s no more water. So, according to her theory it shows that the water was changed into another chemical substance which just looked like water. So, I guess the scientists should prepare a new periodic table to add the newly discoverded compund. But the truth is that there’s no change in structure. Well, the water is hot for sure after heating. With all my respect to the writer’s work, I guess its really stupid thing to believe in such a reason. It concludes that the microwave cooking doesn’t create health issues.

By the way, if the microwave ovens were really that hazardous to health , they wouldn’t be out there in the market , they would already be banned. And the temporary ban of microwave oven isn’t related to any health hazards caused by it, it’s political. Otherwise it would have been banned forever.

So, after all those reasons above , I say that microwave ovens are completely safe but you should use it wisely as the proverb says “a fire is a good servant but a bad master” . Use wisely , cook properly and stay healthy.