Denis Coles, famous and popular with his stage name Ghostface Killah. He was born in the month of May on 9th, 1970. He introduces himself as an American rapper and a noticeable person of Wu-Tang Clan. His origin of music is hip-hop. He after being a success on the Wu-Tang Clan separated to make his career and he first made his debut solo with Ironman during 1996 that was noticed by the music critics. His success followed and he did introduce his other albums “Supreme Clientele” on 2000 and during the year 2006 “FishScale”. The name Ghostface Killah emerged from the kung fu film's character of the movie “Mystery of Chessboxing”. Ghostface is the founder of Starks Enterprises.


Ghostface Killah is basically known for his clear voice yet in the fast phase, his emotional narratives that include non-sequiturs and slangs. During the year 2006, he was on the list of “Greatest Rapper of all Time”. And “” listed him on their top 50 list since 1987 to 2007. He was also acclaimed to be the most imaginative storyteller of that time. Different person had different perception about him. He was “rap’s best storyteller” for Q Magazines, “unparalleled instinct of storytelling, the best, and the colorful rap ever found” by Pitchfork Media, “a compulsive storyteller” by NPR.

    “Yeah. It's all in the music first. The music is like women to me. It's like how you pick your music: everybody got their own different way how they pick their women and their music, and I guess that's what the album becomes.”

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He till date has created many studio albums. Some of them are Ironman (1996), Supreme Clientele (2000), More Fish (2006), Appolo Kids ( 2010) , Twelve Reasons To Die (2013), Twelve Reason to Die II (2015) etc. And some albums were released in collaboration with other singers like the songs “Put it on the Line” along with Trife Diesel(2005), “Wu-Block” along with Sheek Louch ( 2012), “The Powers of Attraction along with Tragedy Khadafi and Killah Priest.

Ghostface Killah got the opportunities to appear in the movies as well like on Belly (1998), Black and White(1990), Hunter Dawson( 2002), Fade to Black(2004), Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story(2007),Iron Man (2008) and When in Home (2010). He was even seen on TV Series: 30 Rock (2006), Human Giant (2007), The Boondocks (2007), Rushing Jason (2008), Mob Wives (2011) and Couples Therapy (2014).


Moving to some of his personal issues, Ghostface Killah is originally from Staten Island, New York City, New York, and the United States. He is actively seen from the year 1992 till present days. He is a man with the skills of worth $17 million (2016). His has got good personality with the height of 6′ 1″. His dating and relationship talks were on the magazines and internet. He was dating two girls at a time Latrice and Kelsey. Kelsey decided to end the relation with him after he confessed that he likes to get physical with other women than her and he loves Latrice too. Later after the end of a relationship with Kelsey,he wanted to be with Latrice only. The couple was dating for 2 years. Latrice ended the relation after knowing he was having emotional and physically relation with Kelsey. At the end, he loosed both of his girlfriends.