A common man turns into a superstar and divorces with his “before fame” wife and girlfriend. Such things do not shock us. However, if the superstar loves his girl more than his life, do they really break up? One of such stories is of the divorce of Jason Earls and wife Jennifer Earls?


The Hanna Montana star, Jason is set to shock the world with his divorce from Jennifer Earles. Want to know why the star is getting divorced? Do you really want to know the reason? Stay tuned to get shocked.

Husband Jason Earles and Wife Jennifer Earles divorce

Most of us know Jason Earles, who played in the series Hanna Montana as a brother of the lead role. The baby-faced Jason was married in 2002 to the beautiful woman, Jennifer Earles after dating each other for a few months.

Their relationship started after they met for the first time at the Rocky Mountain College. The couple seemed to be very romantic and living happy but their divorce shocked their fans and media.

[ CAPTION: Jason with his previous wife Jennifer ][ SOURCE: Getty Images ]

Although the couple got divorced in 2013, the reason for their separation is still unknown to their fans and media. Both of them have not shared the information regarding their separation from media. Many people thought it may be due to Jason Parkinson’s disease.

[ CAPTION: Jason and Jennifer with their daughter Noah ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

It can also be because of the relationship between her husband and Katie Drysen. They may have had an affair that led to the actor’s divorce. But, the reason for his divorce is still undisclosed. The couple has one daughter named as Noah Earles. After the divorce of Jason and Jennifer, Noah is in custody of mother Jennifer.

Jason Earles’s Affairs, Dating, Girlfriend after Divorce

After the divorce from Jennifer in 2013, Jason dated Katie Drysen immediately. Jason and Katie are enjoying a quality time together. Starting from the beginning, the couple is now sharing a blissful married life.

[ CAPTION: Jason and Katie’s pouting ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

After dating each other for 4 years, the couple got engaged in Feb 2017. Recently this couple got married on 13th Aug 2017. They celebrated their wedding with their close friends and family members.

Jason also thanked all of his friends for standing with him in the most important time of his life with an Instagram post. Altogether, the actor had a total of 7 groomsmen. The actor also had a custom cake topping at his wedding and also agreed that such small things make our life beautiful.

[ CAPTION: Jason and Katie’s wedding day ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Although Jason first marriage was unsuccessful with Jennifer, now he is happily married to Katie. Hope this couple will be together and have no rumors and controversies.