Was Don Johnson planning a wedding secretly? He married his long-term girlfriend, Kelly Phelger with a surprise party? Where did they get married? More importantly, how did their marriage take place? Was it really a surprise to everybody?


The marriage of Holly celebs is quite a thing for rumor whisperers. Fans want to know everything about their star if s/he is getting married. Wedding plans and every other detail related to it are a prime subject for fans and followers. Said that, let’s continue on our article about Don Johnson shocking his fans with his wedding plans.

Surprise! Wedding plans of Don Johnson and Kelly Phelger

Don Johnson planned the wedding as a surprise to all of his fans, his friends, us. It was really quick. The wedding happened right before our eyes at a normal party to celebrate the couple. Everything changed when pastel rose bouquets and band members entered the venue.

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[ CAPTION: Kelley Phleger ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Slowly, the boring black tied evening turned into the fifth wedding of the actor of Miami Vice. Only after Robert Wagner entered the venue stating that he was the best man for the very best man, it became clear that this was a secret wedding.

It was a surprise for all of his fans and most of his guests that the actor was getting married at the Pacific Heights.

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 Don Johnson and Kelley Phelger

Everybody gathered around with suits and gowns to welcome the bride and the groom. Staring at the officiator, ex-mayor Willie Brown, saying his official words, Don and Kelley took their oath and kissed each other to complete their wedding.

Don Johnson and Kelly Phelger: Married Life and Children

Now, Don Johnson and Kelley Phelger got married with a dramatic wedding plan at the Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The couple has been living together ever since.

Before Kelley came into his life, he had everything but was really unsatisfied with his life. Kelley changed his boring dull life into an entertaining and fun-filled life.

[ CAPTION: Kelley Phleger ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Started their life with a diamond engagement ring and then the surprise wedding, the couple now have a total of 3 children. They have sons, Jasper and Deacon, and a daughter, Atherton Grace Johnson.

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[ CAPTION: Kelley Phleger ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Still together and still strong! The love life of actor Don Johnson is still running great with the San Francisco socialite, Kelley Phelger. With blessings of 3 children, the couple is living a life full of love and romance. Hope the 67-year old actor and his wife live like they have been, with more luck and more fame.