Harmony Korine is an American movie director, author, and screenwriter, well-known for directing and writing Spring Breakers, Mister Lonely, etc. His movie Trash Humpers won the main prize the DOX Award at Toronto Internation Film Festival in 2009.

Harmony Korine is married to Rachel Simon in 2007. The couple is blessed with a child who was born in 2011.

Harmony Korine Early life and Education

Harmony was born on 4th January 1973 in Bolinas, California. He is the son of father, Sol Korine, and mother, Eve Korine and grew up along with his siblings in Nashville, Tennessee. His father was a tap dancer as well as documentaries producer for PBS and taught him to use a Bolex camera.

Korine attended Hillsboro High School and moved to New York. He mentioned he went to college in order to studied Business Administration but as per other sources, he studied Dramatic Writing at Tisch Schools of the Arts at New York University but dropped out.

Harmony Korine Movie & Directing Career

Everyone believe, Life is full of surprises and so do Harmony. While he was skating with his friend in Washington Square Park, photographer Larry Clark asked him to compose a script about skaters and AIDS experience by a teenager in the plot.

Harmony was happy to do because he was waiting all his life to write a story and within a month he completed a film, Kids; a day in the sex and drug filled lives of Manhattan teenagers.

Korine outstanding skills earned him NC-17 rating and contact with movie producer Cary Woods who had $1 million budget to produce Gummo. Later, Harmony wrote and directed the movie which was premiered at the 24th Telluride Film Festival on 29th August 1997. The movie earned wide recognition and won top prizes at Venice Film Festival that year as well as respect and ladder towards success for Harmony.

Moreover, Harmony directed/wrote several movies including Spring Breakers, The Beach Bum, Above the Below, Ken Park, Fight Harm, Beautiful Losers, The Advocate for Fagdom, and much more. Additionally, he also portrayed in several movies as an actor such as Stoker, Manglehorn, Good Will Hunting, Gummo, Kids, Trash Humpers, etc.

These days, Harmony is waiting for the release of The Beach Bum, written and directed by himself, in 2018. He is also working on several other movies which we can see in the near future. 

Harmony Korine Married, Dating, Affairs, Wife, Children

Director Harmony dated Chloe Sevigny from 1993 to 1997 and several others girls before getting married. He is successful as well as good looking and obviously many girls gave their heart and fall in love with him. Though millions of girls fall in love with Harmony, he falls in love and married to Rachel Simon.

Harmony and Rachel got married in 2007. The couple met on the sets of the movie Mister Lonely where Harmony was the director of the movie and Rachel starred in the movie. Eventually, they got close while shooting and fall in love and got married the same year. They welcome their first child, Lefty Bell Korine, in 2011.

Harmony Korine Net Worth, Income, Earning, Salary

Harmony Korine earns the good sum of money in his career. Being an American director, screenwriter, and author, he has several sources of income. According to People With Money magazine, he is one of the highest-paid directors around the globe. His several movies were successfully hit and hit the box office with jaw-dropping figures.

Moreover, Korine also makes a huge sum of money from a lucrative endorsement with CoverGirl cosmetics. He owns several restaurants in Washington including Fat Korine Burger, has a football Team, the Bolinas Angeles, launched his own Vodka brand called Pure Wonderkorine.

Additionally, Harmony has also a top-selling perfume called With Love from Harmony and also a fashion line Harmony Korine Seduction. Allocating information from several sources as of 2018, it is found out that Harmony Korine current estimated net worth is around $145 million.