Have you heard about the famous American film producer Harvey Weinstein being abusive towards the famous celebrities? I bet you have a heart at least one of those 30 women he’s assaulted. But do you also know that his wife recently decided to leave him?


Well, the picture is quite clear, we can surely assume why she left her husband. But keeping the assumptions on the side, let’s have a look at the exact reason behind the couple’s separation.

Also, by the end of this article, you guys will have a clear picture of the couple’s relationship and separation as well as about the present condition of their children.

Harvey Weinstein’s married life

Well, you might be surprised to hear that the wife with whom Harvey just got separated is not his first wife. He actually has been married way back in the year 1987 with Eve Chilton. The couple had three children together namely, Lily, Emma, and Ruthie.

However, due to some issues, which has not been disclosed yet, the ex-couple had to separate and they legally got divorced in 2004.

Harvey Weinstein with his second wife Georgina Chapman

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In the same year that he got divorced from his first wife, in the same year 2004, he then found a British actress, Georgina Chapman who was worthy enough for him to get married. The couple got married in the year 2007.

The couple stayed together for over 10 years and recently got separated. Details on their separation will be done in another sub-topic.

Harvey Weinstein with one of his daughters

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Talking about the kids, Harvey and Georgina had two children together. They welcomed their first child India Pearl on 29th April 2010 who is now just seven years old. Then again the couple gave birth to their second child, a son named Dashiell Max Robert on 11th April 2013 which makes him just 4 years old.

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman’s divorce

Let’s now move on to the main part, the divorce part. Are the couple officially divorced already? Or is it just an informal separation? Well, looking at Harvey, we can be pretty sure that Georgina is ever getting back with him in any condition. He has officially stated that he has lost his wife and kids and that he is profoundly devastated.

A picture of Harvey with his ex-wife

Another shocking news about the couple’s divorce is that their 10-year marriage was a ‘sexless business arrangement’. Some of the couple’s close friends revealed that Georgina was staying with Harvey just to promote her clothing label, Marchesa, which she found in the year 2004 when she met Weinstein.

Harvey's ex wife with their son

So, looks like the marriage was nothing more than a business agreement, also Georgina had other reasons to leave Harvey. As mentioned earlier, the produced abused more than 30 women and this had made Georgina very sad as she says that her heart breaks for all the women who have suffered.

Harvey Weinstein’s recent news

As we already know that Harvey has accused more than 30 women in his wife and is already pointed out guilty, we have some recent news relating to the topic. Three of the Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, namely Rose McGowan, Asia Argento and Annabella Sciorra recently gathered together for the Thanksgiving dinner.


Magical moments with @asiaargento & @iamannabellasciorra #WomenRise #Survivors #ROSEARMY

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The three posted pictures of them having a friendly Thanksgiving dinner last Friday. Each of the women has officially claimed that Harvey has abused them in some way in the past.