Hazel Moder is an American child actress better known for her role in Mother’s Day (2016) and VH1: All Access (2001). However, Moder is best known as the daughter of popular actress Julia Roberts and cinematographer Daniel Moder.

Hazel Moder Early life and Education

Hazel Moder was born on November 28, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her mother Julia Roberts is an American actress as well as producer and Daniel Moder a cinematographer.

Moder has two sibling brothers Phinnaeus Moder and Henry Daniel Moder. Her cousin Emma Roberts is also an American actress. 

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Moder is currently studying at Our Lady of Mercy School. She actively participates in different sports conducted by the school.

Hazel Moder Career

Till the date, Hazel Moder has starred in only one movie Mother’s Day (2016) and in a television series VH1: All Access (2001). The other stars of the movie Mother’s Day include Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts etc.

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Likewise, she has starred along with Bex Schwartz, Brian Donovan, Jill Dobson etc in the television VH1: All Access. Well, within a short period of time, Moder has received a huge recognization. 

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Moreover, Moder has received a wide recognization as the daughter of a popular actress Julia Roberts and cinematographer Daniel Moder. Her mother has starred in the movies like Mirror Mirror, Wonder etc and her father has stared in Heaven’s Floor, Point Break etc. 

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Hazel Moder Personal life

A gorgeous child actress Hazel Moder has received a wide recognization for her appearance in Mother’s Day (2016) and VH1: All Access (2001). A lot of people have liked her character. 

Well, Moder is currently 13 years old and hasn’t involved in any love affairs. Being a child actress, she is busy in building up her career. 

Hazel Moder Net worth

Moder has starred only in a movie and a television series through which, she must have earned a decent amount of money. But her actual net worth is still under review.

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Well, her parents together have the net worth of $225 million out of which her mother Julia has the net worth of $140 million. Furthermore, her parents have a house in Montana.

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Likewise, they also won a car, Toyota Prius.