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Facts of Heather Tesch Biography

Date of Birth: 1967 January 0
occupation Television presenter, Meteorologist
ethnicity White
religion Christianity

Introduction, Early Life and Education

Heather Tesch was born on May 2 1967 in Buffalo,Minesotta.She was born to American parents and is a native American.Tesch is a very lovely,beautiful and charming meterologist who works at Weather Channel.She have been working there for about 14 years and later left the post.She is able to impress the audiences with her personality,weather reporting skills as well as her charming face. From her earlier days she was interested in weather forecasting.As she was brought up in the cold climatic region she was more intrested towards the change of nature which were so spontaneous and amazing.

She was so keen about the weather changes that she decided to study nature.During her school days,she was a very intelligent student with good grade marks.She later attended University of New Hampshire holding B.S degree in meteorology.She then joined University of Minnesota to pursue her career to enter media sector.She holds B.A in broadcast Journalism from the University of Minnesota.


She first anchored for a local news channel about the waste management and also waste administration.She also worked in different news channel in Texas,Brunswick,Corpus Christi and Georgia as a news correspondent.She started her career as meterologist at WPXTV and got the chance to work on camera.Her skills on the field was very appreciated by the audiences.She then worked for WGME TV which is situated in Portland,Maine.Later she worked for different channels like WCCO-TV in Minneapolis,WGAL-TV in Pennsylvania etc.

As she worked as meterologist she sharpened her skills that she got called by The Weather Channel in 1999.She then worked for the channel for about 14 years.During her work at the channel she covered different natural calamities like floods,landslides,hurricanes etc which happened at northeast America.She was fired from the job as she got lot of negative views from her fans.

Personal Life

Heather is blessed with two children;a son and a daughter and lives a very happy life.Her husband loves her very much and supports her in career.She doesn't like to expose her personal life to media and keeps secret about her family matters.The coule loves each other very much as there is no sign of any divorce or seperation.She with her family lives in Atlanta.Heather is animal loving natured.She found an abandoned kitten on Gergoia in 2011 and she fostered kitten.In total she have now five cats Heather first started her career as an anchor and later as a good meterologist.

Other Facts

Tesch is a very talented meterologist.In the field she is known as the beauty with brains as she appreciates her audience by her attractive look and skills.She also have a great dressing sense which suits her as well as job.She is 5 feet 2 inch tall.With her beautiful white face she have blue eyes and brown light hair.Her breast size is about 36C.She have a beautiful legs. Her estimated net worth is about $1.5 million dollars and her salary amount is about $100000.

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