Canadian actor and model is a treat to the eyes especially when you are surrounded by skinny guys. He is a hot cake, eye candy, fundamentally mysterious and what not, SINGLE.


Yes, girls, you heard it right. Taylor Kitsch is a single man with an irresistibly good look and not to mention those chocolate hard abs. So, we present you with the qualities he looks for in his ideal girlfriend? Don’t go anywhere if you don’t want to miss.

Taylor Kitsch Ready to Mingle

There are rare times when you hear that a hot actor is not dating, and we are talking about Taylor Kitsch. If you don’t know him, you should watch True Detective or John Carter and you will know what we were talking about.

You can see his fantastic and absolute six-pack abs as he can be seen shirtless in those. Yet he does not have a girlfriend. In a way, he seems like an untouchable fruit, not quite graspable.

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On top of that, Taylor Kitsch rides a motorcycle. What more? A hot dude on a motorbike with his long hair waving slowly in the wind. Just imagine. 

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It’s almost unbelievable how can a gorgeous actor like him, be single. Obviously, there were rumors. How can he escape from the rumor treadmill? He was rumored to be dating his co-star Minka Kelly first and later Rachel McAdams.

But neither parties has confirmed those rumors. So don’t believe as the name says, they are just rumors.

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You might know him as Tim Riggins from NBC’s acclaimed television series, Friday Night Lights. Likewise, he has also worked in several television series like True Detective, The Normal Heart, Only The Brave.

Not to mention, his several hit movies like John Carter, Battleship, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, American Assassin and many more.

The 36-year-old hottie should have some specific requirements that are hard to find in most of the girls. If you are his fan, you should know what he wants in his bae because you might just fit his requirements.

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Don’t worry he’s not asking for weird and strange conditions. So no more dillydallying. Let’s find out. Recently, in an interview when asked what type of qualities he searched in a girlfriend, he replied,

She should be super dependent on him, super selfish, arrogant and superficial, having no aim at all.

He further told that he does not look forward to having a conversation with her and the girl should not work at all, super lazy. Herre’s a video and sees for yourself.

Looks like he is not looking for a serious relationship, isn’t he? No, our Taylor is just being funny.

If you got his sarcasm, you should know now what he really meant. In other words, his ideal partner should be independent, considerate, smart, laidback, genuine, hardworking and ambitious.

So now you know what Taylor Kitsch’s looking for, you gotta work on those on his lists. We wish you best of luck.