Sisters are one who always supports us and understands all the problem we have. They are the one who influences more in our life than our parents. Likewise, Jennifer Seyfried and Amanda Seyfried also share a good bond.


Everyone knows that Amanda Seyfried is very famous as an actress, model, and songwriter but you may not know about her bond with sister Jennifer Seyfried. Do they have good terms with each other? Are the sisters more than friends, best friends, maybe? Stay on the page to know about Jennifer and Amanda’s bond.

Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried: Sisterhood

The relationship between sisters is positively seen as a pure bond. Then, is the sisterhood relationship of Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Seyfried pure? Doesn’t this picture of sisters sitting on a bench look pure to you?

[ CAPTION: Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

As Amanda has given birth to a cute daughter, her elder sister Jennifer keeps on visiting Amanda’s place at Los Angeles to see and take care of her sister Amanda and her daughter.

Jennifer is also seen taking responsibility for Amanda’s work. Jennifer has shown that she is responsible with all of her support to Amanda.

[ CAPTION:  Amanda Seyfried ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried best friends?

As we all know that sister is always more than a friend, she always helps us with each and every problem we face in life. Likewise, Jennifer and Amanda also help each other the same. They seem like best friends rather than being siblings.

[ CAPTION: Family picture of Seyfried ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Besides that, they also are seen working together. Although Jennifer is older than Amanda, Jennifer is always supported by her sister. Jennifer Seyfried is also the assistant to her younger sister, Amanda.

Mini bio

Amanda Seyfried is famous actress cum model who was born on 3rd December 1985. She is also known as a songwriter. She started her career at a very early age of 11. She is married to Thomas Sadoski. Recently, she has given birth to a daughter.

[ CAPTION: Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Jennifer Seyfried is mostly known as the sister of Amanda Seyfried. Jennifer is 3 years older than Amanda. She is assistant to her sister.

All things considered, it looks that Jennifer and Amanda Seyfried have a very strong sisterhood relationship. By all means, it can be said that Jennifer has played the role of the mother of Amanda pretty well. Let’s just hope that they will stay the same together. 

Amanda Seyfried earns a good sum of money in her career. She has featured in several movies and has done modeling for several modeling agencies and fashion brands through which she receives a decent amount of money as an endorsement. Allocating information from several sources it is found out that her current net worth is around $10 million.