Salvatore Edward Anthony aka Sal Vulcano is a member of the New York City Comedy troupe called The Tenderloins and is the youngest of the four main cast members of Impractical Jokers and its spin-off Jokers Wild. 


Besides his successful career, his fans are keen to know why Sal Vulcano’s is not married life? So today we’re going to talk about Sal Vulcano’s life.

Sal Vulcano Married or Still Single?

The Impractical Joker‘s Sal Vulcano has an ability to make everyone laugh. You might know that Vulcano has always been joking around whether it’s the professional or personal thing.

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The 40 years old comedy actor is a mystery when it comes to his personal life and relationships. Till the date, he has never been linked with any girl. Also, there is no any information regarding his personal life including past affairs and relationship.

[ CAPTION: Sal Vulcano ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

If you go across Vulcano’s Twitter then you will see the tweet regarding his wife. So, does that indicate Vulcano is a married man? Or he is just joking around? We just can’t confirm anything.

[ CAPTION: Sal Vulcano’s tweet  ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

He mentioned about having a wife on tweeter but most of his fans thought that this was a joke cracked by hilarious Vulcano. We think that Vulcano is more focused on his career at the moment rather than sharing his personal information.

Sal Vulcano’s Gay or Straight

The playful comedian came out of the closet and said that he is gay on his TV show, In 2014. This acceptance made the media go mad while as Vulcano had accepted it among his best friends and live audiences.

Vulcano revealed that he just came out of the closet for his friend, James to reveal about his sexuality. Later, he said that he ain’t a gay.

[ CAPTION: Sal Vulcano ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Further, the lack of woman’s name in Vulcano’s life made a lot of people questioned about his sexual preference. His fans are confused as there is no strong evidence of him being gay.